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Site updates - adult material

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Eat me | A quickie….

Eat me | A quickie....

Wet. Warm liquid slides, slow dew drops of soul liquid seeping between her legs, into her panties as she tries vigilantly to stay calm upon the surface. Body has other ideas, her soul thirsting for his lips feasting upon her cunt, as conversation drones around her ears, the steady hum of bees upon her senses. Smell; his sweat upon her skin, his tongue slipping into…..!18-quickie-2/cerk

I want to feel you

I want to feel you


I want to feel something real
I want to taste your lips
I want to drink and fill of you
and smell your perfume of you.

I want to feel you tremble
I want to feel you quake
I want to hear you cry my name
When the bedpost starts to shake.

I want to make you burn for me
I want to feel your hunger grow
I want to make you ache for me
Whenever you are all alone.

I want to pin you to the bed
I want to drive you wild
I want to dive deep inside
and ride you through the night.

Fallen Angel

Erotic art and poetry from Samarel’s adult magazine at

Just hold me

Just hold me

Just hold me, let this darkness fade away
Encompass my fears in the strength of your arms
With your touch, bring forth the dawn of day
Shield me from the pain in my heart
Cover my scarlet sins with yours
Let this covenant bond from us never part
One spirit, two bodies twain
Soul in unity of repair
Breathing life into love again
Strengthen my weakness
As I soften your edges
In the sanctity of each other we find rest


~ Art and poetry from the adult magazine at