Show me your desires
The ones you keep within
Dark wishes revealed
The Beast who longs to sin

Run your fingers down my neck
Brush my hair aside
Taste my soft sweet tender flesh
Love bites so divine

Press your insistent hardness
Tween my silken legs
Explicit whispers in my ear
At once, I start to beg

Your eyes upon my body
Controlling my response
My juices wait to flow for you
I’m tortured with this want

Smooth voice commanding “Now, my Love,”
Such music to my core
I touch my throbbing center
At once, I start to soar

My moans of passion rising
As my fingers thrust
I feel I’m overflowing
I scream my fervent lust

My gift now your searching tongue
Savoring my completion
As my hands grasp your masculine neck
Frantic undulation

Buried in my sweet delight
You moan appreciation
Sensation starts another wave
As I reach destination

You lay upon on the bed now
“Come claim your reward”
I’ve been your obedient pet
The one you so adore

You slide so deep within me
Eyes widen in delight
I grind my hips so harshly
This need I cannot fight

I ride you oh so slowly
Rocking, thrown back hair
You gaze at me in wonder
My climax brings you there

Pulsing, throbbing river
You fill me with your seed
And as we kiss so softly
We know we’re now complete.

Samarel erotic art and adult fantasies

Delicious – adult story by Jolie Cain

Delicious - adult story by Jolie Cain

Annie licked her lips as she noticed how his jeans strained across his hips as he leaned back and propped himself against the counter. “Is there something I can help you with?” Annie’s eyes were jerked back upwards to his face, wondering if she had imagined the suggestive tone his words implied. Surely she had. A man who looked like this one could not be flirting with her. Unless he needed to make a sale? Oh, yes. That surely explained it.

She smiled nervously. “Oh, no.” Finally able to find her voice, she attempted to explain how she had come to be in his store. “No, I’m sorry. I just came in to get out of the rain.” She looked down at her……..

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No Bra, No Panties

No Bra, No Panties

by Vns

We meet again, same place as before…when you open the door you take one look and pull me inside. Smiling You look me over, I am dressed exactly as you instructed black skirt, white button down blouse, heels, long hair in pigtails, no bra, no panties..

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Early Morning Desire…

Early Morning Desire...

Before the alarm goes off, I press stop
For your body, I’m the wakeup clock…
As you lay on your back, deep in slumber,
Your chest is where my fingers wander…
My lips to your ear to whisper, a seductive thrill
“Rest my love, for your body is mine… while you remain still”
A slow breath is released as your mind’s dream remains,
You feel my intent to please your morning gain…
My hand travels to grip your life,
My lips soon follow to perform intense delight…
For each lick, for each moistened suck,
Your hands find my head to push a slow thrust…
With you deep in my throat, with the roll of my tongue,
Your silence breaks with a shaky moan…
I rise over you, to place you in me,
Sliding down to receive you deep…
Your head sinks into the pillow,
Mouth opening for air, eyes slightly closed…
Hands holding on my hips,
As I lean down to kiss your demanding lips…
Grinding down on you with rhythmic lust,
Doing all the work of equal thrusts…
To get you to unload in me, to unleash the beast
that awakens for me…
Now, I’m yours…eyes open and starving for more…
Push it in me, as I ride it harder…driving in me longer and farther…
Pulling in and out to hear the sweet sounds of my wetness,
As grunts and moans quicken, with our thighs covered in dampness…
“ohhhh….mmmmm, damn….give it me, I need it in me…”
With a fast thrust of urgency, you fill me with fire,
The peak of our early morning desire…

Jeannie | Samarel erotic art and adult stories

Dominating Him | Adult sex fantasy by Alisson

Dominating Him | Adult sex fantasy by Alisson

We were sitting on the couch in the lounge chatting, he had just finished his coffee, I asked him if he would like another… I slid over to him and put my leg over him, sitting on his lap facing him. We were fully clothed. I don’t think he gets it too often at home, and if he does, there is not much imagination, so whatever I do to him gets him hot and horney very quickly. I started gently grinding my hips into his lap, all the time touching myself, making him feel as I was using him to make me feel good. Changing rhythm and pressure all the time, whispering into his ear telling him to imagine his thick pulsating dick pushing deep up inside me. Imagine clenching my muscles and releasing his shaft…. talking softly and dirty in his ear, keeping eye contact and forcing him to look at me. He kept on wanting to rest his head on the back of the couch and close his eyes, I made him look at me. I took my top off and pushed my nipple towards his mouth, I pushed his shoulders back onto the couch so he couldn’t touch me…he was aching to suck my nipples, but I wouldn’t let him. I kissed him deep but wouldn’t let him kiss me back… I could feel he was really hard, he wanted to fuck me, I wouldn’t let him… I slid off his lap and undid his belt, he wanted to help, every time he moved I would stop what I was doing, he would then relax and let me do it. He hates being dominated, I love dominating him. He’s a fucking good looking man, very sexy, I know I can get him to do whatever I wish… I unzipped his pants and took his shaft out of his undies…he was wet with precum. With the very tip of my tongue I licked his balls, he wanted me to suck him… No… not yet. He was aching to slam his dick in my warm mouth.. I licked the length of his shaft in little zig zag patterns, licking the beginning of the ridge of his hood… (he’s circumcised by the way) this drives him nuts, and then I heard it…what I wanted to hear … Suck me please… Please… Suck me… I started with his balls again, took them one at a time into my mouth, gently sucked them, never once touching him with my hands. I flattened my tongue and licked him up and down the length of his shaft. He started pushing his hips towards me, I sat back…he said for fux sake…. and he relaxed again…the power of a woman…I took the end of his cock in my mouth and put a bit of sucking pressure on it, he tried to push it deeper into my mouth, I moved my head further away…. he relaxed again, I could feel him getting frustrated… I sucked his shaft deep into my mouth, his dick going down my throat, I kept it like that for a few moments, tightening the muscles in my throat and mouth, I knew this wouldn’t take long, I lifted my head slightly and then started working that throbbing cock in my hands and mouth… He shot his hot load deep into my throat, I swallowed and kept his dick in my mouth until he had finished. I licked him clean and went to make coffee. Left him in the lounge saying o fuck…o fuck…I had a smile on my face while making coffee, I know I blow better than his wife….

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Full Moon – Valentine Quickie…

Full Moon - Valentine Quickie...

She glanced at the electronic clock. ‘Yep, it’s a full moon! No wonder I’m feeling so randy! About ten minutes until that cute delivery guy arrives, if he’s on time.’

She had noticed him for the last few weeks. He had a nice butt! ‘Hubby won’t get home till late tonight. I have time!’She hurried to the lady’s room and removed her undergarments. One touch of her labia and she knew she was…

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