He sleeps…
I slip back into bed
I kiss him gently on his back
My hands begin to roam and take over underneath the covers
I hear him moan slightly
I begin to rub his smooth skin
My fingers gently graze his tight
I slip under the sheet and kiss them gently taking little bites and nibbles
I slowly slip my tongue between his toned thighs
I hear him moan again with pleasure
and delight
He begins to awaken a little more as I place my tongue underneath his buttocks
He arches his back so I can taste him even more
My tiny hands caressing him as I continue
I hear him whispering telling me not to stop
He slowly turns over and exposes his pride
Slowly I slide upon his awaken body
Gently he places his manhood between my silky lips
He holds onto my hips and squeezes them tight as manipulates the way they move around him
He sits up and pulls me in deeper and closer
We begin to kiss passionately
He caresses my face with his hands
as he presses his lips against mine
He holds me tighter with each gentle thrust
Our bodies moving rhythmically to achieve our ultimate desire
We climax together while our fluids of love flow skin to skin, inside and outside……one body…one soul

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