Anticipation of you | Erotic poetry by Lisa, Erotic art: Samarel

Anticipation of you | Erotic poetry by Lisa, Erotic art: Samarel

As i close my eyes and think of You
such blissful thoughts of Love renewed
to feel Your kiss softly upon me
has my body trembling uncontrollably

To feel the touch of Your hand
hard and firm, a silent demand
a soft moan escapes between parted lips
as Your fingers dig into these curvy hips

The rush of emotions as i anticipate
flood my body, oh god i cant wait
i clinch my woman’s core ever so tight
waiting for Your touch, my soul You ignite

Hands upon thighs that belong to You
parting them for Your explicit view
like a rose covered with early morning dew
soft pink petals unfold only for You

As i look up into Your beautiful eyes
within their depths there is no surprise
for all that You wish, want, and say
tells me silently ‘you want be to obey’

How could i not, I laughingly ask
for within Your Dominance I joyfully bask
Your every caress takes me to incredible heights
a Master’s touch upon His slave excites

Patience is to what i agonizingly must adhere
until the day comes when You’ll draw me near
a song of joy felt so deeply within my soul
Your Ownership and Love is what makes me whole.
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Solitary and Untouched | Erotic poetry by Lisa

Solitary and Untouched | Erotic poetry by Lisa

Feeling Alone, in this quiet room
thoughts of you
tracing a way down my navel
to my secret garden
warm, moist, musky perfumed
touches light as feathers
caresses strong and firm…Just like your hand
panting, heavy breathing
eyes blindfolded, mouth partially open
moaning your name

I hear the sound of the deadbolt on our door
and I am throbbing, pulsating
hunger raging through me
Heat, flushed skin
my heart thumping in my chest
You are my want, my desire,

I can feel you,
consuming me with your eyes

I sit, unable to move, inhaling you,
savoring your scent on my tongue
feeling your body radiating
lost in the almost-feel of you
lost in the anticipation
Quivering with lust
trembling with need

My juices start flowing
staining my thighs
My core so swollen
so slippery
pulsing for you
My breasts heaving
tingling, smooth skin blushing
aching for your touch
your lips, your tongue, your teeth

the feel and taste of you
My teeth digging into my lower lip
My tongue licking my lips, gliding
so hungry for your kisses
for your mouth, so sweet and soft

Hot liquid honey
flowing through me
Molten fire glowing all over
from my lips to my smooth sex
pulsating with my desire

Feeling the drums of my lust in my throat
and the pounding need in my blood
feeling my arousal
pooling between my legs
my aching want
coursing through my body

I could cum like this
from your words alone
and the images created
waves of pleasure
washing over me
as I scream and go far far away
and then, come back down to reality
sweating, shuddering, sobbing
alone, in this quiet room.

Then in the loneliness of this place,
I can almost feel your hands, your fingers on my face.
It almost takes away this ache as I find my solitary release

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My Incubus | Bdsm fantasy by Lisa – for Samarel Art

My Incubus | Bdsm fantasy by Lisa - for Samarel Art

A soft breeze drifts into my bedroom
Moonlight dances on my smooth skin
My flesh bathed in the mellow aroma of sandalwood
A sigh escapes my lips, my arms ripple with goose bumps
A prickling glides up the back of my neck and through my hair
Releasing my pheromones into the air

Down your back
Around your hips
Up your smooth torso
Around your breasts
Through the valley between
Circling your nipples
Stiffening them

My gasp released, nipples tighten
Body arching into the air, egging the pleasure on
My soft hair falling over my face

My breath stirring the smooth strands over my lips
Small fingers clenching the sheets, gripping
Legs parting, urging the breeze to consume
Toes curling, my knees bending outward
The scent and heat of my desire spilling into the air

Further down your hips
Circling your thighs
Teasing the flesh
Down your calves
Binding your ankles
Washing back up
Finally reaching

My breath quickens, supple breasts heaving
The moonlight shimmering on my sex
Nectar leaking, arousal building
My pelvis stirring, wanting more
Head tossing side to side, eyes clenched
My skin warming, flushing with heat
Cheeks blushing a gentle pink, pleasure escalating

Pressure digging in
Your pussy throbbing
Wind nursing your ache
Suckling your clit
Pulling and squeezing
Pinching and rubbing
Teasing you further

Wrists bound to the sheets, unable to pleasure
Whimpers and moans begging for more
Tender lips flushing and opening
Begging my Tormenter for more
Fluids leaking graciously, hips grinding generously
The desire of fulfillment almost unbearable

Finally it reaches
Teasing your entrance
Nursing gentle spasms
Pushing in
Stretching and inching
Teasing and forcing
That fulfillment achieved

A scream echoes my satisfaction, muscles spasming
Hips buck, hungry for more, begging to be filled
Inner walls squeezing and pulsing around unknown pleasure
A whine escapes, unable to push, hips bound still
A slave to the pleasure, letting it take me, unable to take back
Giving in to my Tormenter, letting Him have me
Thighs quivering, wanting in desperation

It pushes deeper
Hard and deep
Filling repeatedly
Claiming you
Every thrust marking you
Stretching wider and wider
Pushing your limits

My release so close, verbally begging, wanting forgiveness
Please, I beg, desperate for culmination
Frantically trying to give myself that release
Against my Tormentor’s will, I beg further
My body quaking and unwavering, willing to give all
Legs parted more, my sex exposed, unsolicited
My Tormenter teases further, keeping release a moment away

The first sting
Striking your inner thigh
Then the second
Harder and faster
Over and over
Pain giving way to pleasure
Your release closer

My sex twinging untamed, squeezing my Penetrator
Milking his girth, nursing and begging on its own
Teeth clenched, my breath ragged and heavy
The pain almost unbearable, driving me higher
I can feel it, euphoria seeping in, consuming
My body giving itself over, my mind breaking under His will
Turning over to Him, finally my mind and body obey

Rampant thrusts
Driving deeper
Filling repeatedly
Impaling you
Taking you
Using you
Claiming you

My muscles tighten, body hardens in preparation
Finally the release, my body exploding
Nerves and tendons twitching all over
My screams bellowing gratefully into the air
Release given, body writhing under my Tormentor
Pleasure continues to arise, too much
Heightening my ecstasy, pushing my limits further

My thrusts continuing
Spasm and a shudder
Tightening and stillness
My release filling you
My brand
Washing into you
consuming you

My body convulses wildly, pleasure aching higher
Giving in once more, culminating again for His release
Exploding and writhing one more time
Unbound limps flailing into the air
His release giving me one more, better, stronger
My vital desire finally realized, satisfaction for both
Body and mind given to Him, being marked as His

The feeling escapes
Your phantom Lover gone
My presence unavailable
My brand deep inside
My mark left inside
My love given

Eyes opening slightly, searching for Him, wanting Him
My bedroom empty, no sign of him, just a taste

Tongue creeps out, licking my lips, thanking him
Between my legs, His fluids leak out, staining the bed
A smile crosses my lips, collapsing back onto the bed
Looking forward to His return, willing to give to Him


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My tongue’s right there | GoodGirl fantasy

My tongue's right there | GoodGirl fantasy

You feel me yield
and it’s just enough
to provoke you to
get just a little rough.

Filling your hands
with handfuls of hair
you move my head
so my tongue’s right there.

I wait patiently
for your quiet command
“Eat me, my love”
seems more a demand.

Your aroma fills
my lungs with desire
“Yes, Mistress” I say
and dive deep in your fire.

You moan with pleasure
as I drive my tongue deep
and spread your legs wide
as your juices they seep.

I drink of your nectar
and press you to spasm
your body soon yields
to a crushing orgasm.

As you whimper and pant
vulnerably screaming madly
“Fuck me!” you scream
“Yes, Mistress… gladly.”

Roughly, I descend
upon fallen flesh
parting your soul as
our bodies enmesh.

“Do you like that, baby?”
I ask as you meet every thrust
with the grinding of hips
full of hunger and lust.

Our bodies collide as
You coat me in cream
Folding around me
“God, Yes, Sir!” you scream.

Throbbing and pulsing
with the pleasures we made
You realize it’s not the game itself
but how the game’s played.

Purring and content
you’ve relinquished control
melting against me
aligning our souls.

“Sir, that was lovely,”
and we rest for awhile.
“Can we, again?”
“Yes, Mistress,” I smile.

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Symphony | Erotic fantasy by GoodGirl

Symphony | Erotic fantasy by GoodGirl

Fingers laced, our feet walking slowly at the waters edge
We steal a smile from one another and continue on

We say everything
by saying nothing

Before you
I have felt my heart beat faster in the company of others
I have picked up its shattered pieces
I have dried tears fallen from the curve of my lips
Only to discover more in the shadow of betrayal

After a while we sit on the sand; me cradled in your arms
feeling your strength as you hold me close
I feel you kiss the back of my neck as we stare into the sunset
Tucking herself in to her bed of blue

Before you
I have felt my lips touch others
I have spoken words of shame
I have breathed in veracity’s bouquet
Only to drown in irony

We continue to sit
In silence
In love

Me, nestled in your chest
You, behind me, reaching around
moving your hands down the sides of my waist and up my thighs
I reply with a quiet moan

My legs open up under my skirt
Welcoming your touch
Slowly I feel your fingertips
My hips start pulsing with the waves

I arch back
Our eyes lock
As your fingers slide in my warm
I feel your touch explore my nectar

You play my body like a symphony
I am lost in the melody of your touch
Feeling my body rising
Knowing I am about to explode

You gently flicker me faster
I close my eyes
Lose myself in your harmony
The waves pound as drums

And my body explodes
Dancing with your fingers
Soaked with my juices slowly pulsing free

Before you
I have danced
I have tasted desire’s theme
Only to trip on Love’s sheet music
nothing was as it seemed

With you, I don’t need composition
sheet music, ours to compose
Walking hand-in-hand
Dancing to our own prose

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