Can’t get enough….

Can't get enough....

My mind is blank
Fill it with dirty thoughts
My eyes cannot see
Show me something dark
And dangerous
My body is numb
Bring me back to life
I want to feel again
I ache for the pain
I crave that sweet blissful suffering
My passion is stifled
Make me scream
Rub your imagination
Into my skin
Take your darkness
And beat it into me
When we kiss
Let me taste the madness
When we touch
Let me tremble with fear
When we fuck
Disregard my crying
When we love
Feel our souls connecting
Let the addiction
Take complete control
Let it devour you
Let it awaken you
Let it control you
Until all that’s left
All that matters
Is that full on rush
Torturing your insides
As you dance with insanity
And beg for just one more…

by Fallen Angel
Writing adult stories for Samarel erotic art

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