Seduction of a man

Seduction of a man

I have you in my presence
I know what you have in mind
You will succumb to my desires
I will not be very kind

I will undress you very slowly
I will tie you to my bed
I will expose your vulnerability
your legs wide I will spread

I will watch you squirm a little
as I slip slowly down your shaft
You will feel my tongue so gently
I am remarkable at my craft

I will caress your head in stages
at first I will use my mouth
I will watch you watching me
use my tongue as I go about

You will moan as I stroke you
first gently and very slow
you beg me not to stop
with every step I go

I place my head between your thighs
I taste you in places inside spaces
you are screaming my name
twisting and turning
yelling and yearning
as I pump you more
I call you my whore

I watch you hunger while I play
your cock growing harder
beginning to swell I know
with each stroke and lick
you want it this way

I know when you are ready
to completely give in to me
I pull myself up slowly
I start to set you free

As I straddle your body
and begin to thrust
I am in control
trust me you must

You explode inside me
hands still tied
You lay there spent
as I swallow your pride

From Samarel erotic art and adult stories archive

The handsome stranger | Illustrated adult fantasy

The handsome stranger | Illustrated adult fantasy

By Wicked Lil Angel | Erotic paintings: Samarel

After signing off this morning, I put a call in and left a message for Sir. As I took care of my daily chores, I thought about what you told me to do. The question that kept coming to mind was, ‘How do I fantasize about someone I have never seen?’ I even sat for a while and mulled over it, until my thoughts were broken by Sir’s call. He is familiar with who you are, so I explained the email. He granted me his permission to comply, provided he gets a copy of what I write. I thanked him and agreed to his wishes.

Returning to the master bedroom, I started to pull out a few toys and place them on the bed. We have a tall bed frame with storage beneath, which raises the bed height to just above my waist. I practically need a stepladder to get in bed! As I looked at the bed, I realized that it would be too tall to accomplish this task easily. So I decided to use the small dark-blue leather cylinder ottoman instead. I pushed it close to the bed to make the toys easier to reach. I tried to think of what you would have me do first, if you were here watching. Hmmm, my bet was that it would be the gelee vibrating anal plug. It’s a purple, medium, cone shape with ribs around it and a suction cup bottom. As I licked the bottom of the plug, I smiled a wicked grin as I thought of you and stuck it to the seat of the stool just off center. From the end table, I pulled two wooden clothespins. I almost put them back and then thought about what you might have said about that. I cringed a bit, but I knew the answer. Upon opening my long terry robe, I let it drop to the floor.

Panties down

It was pretty chilly in the room as my nipples immediately stood to attention. I closed my eyes and tried to picture you sitting on the bed, watching and guiding me. Again, I wondered what you looked like. So I made you a handsome stranger in my mind. Tall, with dark hair that came to your shirt collar and curled, with intense eyes that could command without a word being spoken. Your body was finely chiseled with strong arms and a deep, soothing voice. I was already wet from the thought, as I massaged and tugged at my perky nipples just before squeezing each one with a pin. I hissed loudly for the first few moments, trying to adjust to the pain. As it subsided to a tolerable level, I lubed the plug stuck on the stool and then a heated tip 8-inch vibrator as well. I turned the long vibe to high, placed one foot on the stool and inserted it into my pussy. As I twisted it in and out slowly, I could hear you in my head telling me ‘Fuck your pussy, but don’t cum yet’. With each stroke, the rigid red pole disappeared deeper into my box, coating my juices onto my hand.

I pictured you staring intently, grinning at me – almost to the point of embarrassment. Then I could hear you in my head say firmly, ‘sit on your plug, slut and turn it on’. I grabbed the lube and massaged my starfish until my fingers slid in easily. As I positioned myself over the anal plug, I held the long vibe inside from the front. My little dark sun was very tight as I pressed the tip to my ass and pushed down. I could feel it burn as it started to penetrate. I turned it on to medium and immediately felt my sphincter begin to release its grip. It was taking a little while and almost as if you were there, I could swear I heard you say ‘I told you to sit!’ So I let go, released my legs and plopped down on it until my cheeks kissed the cold leather causing me to gasp. It hurt for a few moments, so I began to rock my hips back and forth to relieve the pressure. It was hard not cum. I came close a few times but forced myself to back off to extend this pleasure as long as I could.


As I tried to catch my breath, I stood up to remove the vibes. The long red tip was so slippery that it just fell to the floor still buzzing away. The anal plug was still whizzing away snugly implanted in my ass, but would no longer stick to the leather stool, which had pooled with juices. I was picturing what you might say after seeing that. The words ‘You’re not done’ came to mind. Again, I grinned and thought ‘you slut’ to myself. I was still so sensitive and it felt so good that I turned it to the highest setting and pushed the g-spot wand up into my soaked pussy and started to circle my button. There was no more resistance left in me and in less than a minute, my pussy was pushing out and soaking my hand with more juices than before. It pushed so hard that the butt plug shot right out of me. I was paralyzed there for what seemed like forever and could not stop cumming. My hand ran out of steam before my pussy did! Exhausted and gasping, I laid a towel across the bed and let the sun streaming through the window warm me into slumber. What a great nap. Thank You Sir.









From Samarel Erotic Art and Adult Stories Archive







She Waits | Bdsm poetry by Wicked Lil Angel for Samarel art

She Waits | Bdsm poetry by Wicked Lil Angel for Samarel art

Nervously naked she waits for him
By the door, down on her bended knees
The snug leather collar and cuffs her adornments
Constantly binding and reminding her she is not free

As the door slowly opens upon his arrival
Her nipples stand erect from the breeze
Her fingers plunge deep inside her wet pussy
Then rim the glass with hopes to appease

A most wicked grin covers his solemn face
As his hand guides her eyes up to see
The lust he exudes when his gaze is cast upon her
Causes her to smile as if to agree

She licks at her lips to wet his desires
As his hands open his pants with instinctive ease
Then her mouth envelops his shaft so completely
And her tongue slithers about just to tease

Her hands knead and pull and prod so well
Moving about like some infectious disease
She zealously sucks at his slow-growing hardness
Bringing him closer to the edge by using her expertise

He entwines his fingers throughout her long, silky hair
As he pulls her lips all the way down to the base
His body stiffens as the cream rises to the top
Pulling out and squirting it upon her face

Satiated by her first task of the night
She has performed better than he ever conceived
He offers his hankie along with his arm
As she rises on the cuff of his sleeve

She smiles so sweetly as she cleans off her face
And he embraces her and gives a good squeeze
Then she waits in silence as he whispers in her ear
My little Angel, you have learned quite well how to please


Bdsm art and poetry from Samarel adult archive
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Her First Cyber Punishment | by Wicked Lil Angel

Her First Cyber Punishment | by Wicked Lil Angel

Her Cyber-Doms instructions were as follows:

“As for your punishment, it will start with this. You must use your left hand to masturbate with your vibrator, and in your right hand you must hold an ice cube. Every 5 second, not 4 not 6 but 5, you must touch it to your clit very quickly. You will do this until you orgasm! But only once, you only get one! Then you must write me and tell me how the experience went. If you fail to comply with this punishment, it will get much worse for you my dear… don’t question, and don’t argue! Just come for me in this fashion!”

As any obedient submissive would, she followed his orders to the letter. Then she wrote him this reply:

All day I thought about how I was going to do this. It seemed easy enough. I looked for the moment I would have some time alone, to myself. That moment never seemed to come. Most of the day had already passed and it was nearing the time for you to wake. What would I say if it weren’t there in time? Tell the truth or a lie? I spent the last few hours of my day wrapping up household chores and putting my son to bed, while I mulled over this silently in my head. Master was just arriving home and the first thing he asked about was the punishment. “Did you do as you were told by your Cyber Master today?” Oh, Crap! I thought. I didn’t see THAT coming. I sucked in my breath, half–winced and quietly replied “No Sir, not yet”. I could see the disappointment come to his face. “You know, it’s almost morning there,” he said. As I looked up at the clock, I realized that the witching hour had come. It was 7am in Iraq. Disappointment washed over me as I realized I failed to comply with my orders. I failed my first punishment. It was a sinking feeling. Damn!

As I served Master his dinner, he watched me but said nothing more. He didn’t have to – his expressions spoke volumes. He would glance at the clock and look back at me, then look away. A glimmer of hope began to infiltrate my thoughts… “There’s still time”. I proceeded straight to the freezer and filled a small bowl with ice cubes. Passing Master in the living room, with the bowl in my hand, he didn’t even look at me. I tried to stay focused and went to the night table for the big red vibrator and silicone gel. I glanced at the bed and thought “No… not there”. The ice was melting too rapidly from the humidity with the open window. I retreated to the office, passing the living room by way of the hall. I happened to glance in and noticed Master gone. As I opened the office door, there he was at the desk. “I want to watch you fulfill your punishment” he said firmly. “Yes Sir”, I replied and said nothing more.

I positioned myself sideways on the chair, with my right leg draped over the arm and my left leg planted for leverage on the floor. Pushing the buttons of the vibrator, the red glass tip lit up indicating heat, and I set the pace for slow. Opening the lube, I poured a few drops onto the vibrator and placed it to my pussy lips. It felt so good, that I almost forgot my purpose. Master was watching intently, with a sly grin on his face. He didn’t say anything, just watched my every move. As my lips began to swell, I reached for the ice. Its large half moon shape and my silicone coated fingers made it hard to hold. This was going to be harder than I thought. As I brought the ice cube closer, the melting water was dripping down my thighs and causing me to gasp at the coldness. My pussy began to twitch and pulse as I swirled the heated tip around my hood. Suddenly, I pulled the tip away and placed the cube directly onto my clit. I shouted, as it sent shockwaves through my body. The red vibrator felt so good and warm as I placed it back onto my hood. Then I counted in my head, “one, two, three, four, five”, and placed the ice back on my clit.

Breaking my concentration was the sound of Masters voice “Count out loud, Slut!” he commanded as the ice hit my pussy. Another loud gasp crossed my lips with a faint “Yes, Sir” trailing off. I placed the vibe inside my cunt and counted again “one, two, three, four, five”. My moans took on a falsetto pitch as the ice permeated my pussy and I neared orgasm. My breath turned into shallow gasps as I pumped the vibe that was deep in my pussy. I was picturing your eyes, watching me, in my head. I started counting again, “one, two, three, four, five”. This time, when the ice hit my clit, my body thrust forward and almost threw me onto the floor. I was panting simultaneously through deep-throated moans.

Again, my concentration was broken by the sound of Masters voice. “On your knees, wench. You’re going to do this right! You will shove that vibe up into your pussy and plant you naughty little ass on that large pillow – I want to see that vibrator disappear within you “. He then placed the large pillow on the floor in front of himself and motioned me to it. I complied and responded “Yes, Sir”. Straddling the pillow on my knees, I placed the vibe in my pussy and began to lower myself onto it. I was having trouble going all the way down on the 9-inch vibe until I felt Masters hands on my shoulders. Forcefully he pressed down, impaling me on the beast. “Now rock and count!” he commanded. I began to rock and again counted: “One, two, three, four, five” and placed the cube on my clit. My body writhed as another loud scream blurted out. My eyes were closing as I neared orgasm again. “Keep your eyes open and look at me while you do this!” he said teasingly. As I opened my eyes and began to count, I couldn’t help but notice that his cock had swelled enormously and was directly in line with my face. He was stroking it as he watched me… Like a lion stalking its prey. As my body shuddered from the ice sliver, Master grabbed me by the nipples and squeezed down hard. I cried out half in pain, half in ecstasy. My hips were rocking the pillow, shoving the vibe deep within, as my orgasm grew ever closer. Once more, I began to count aloud: “One, two, three, four, five”. As I placed this frigid member on my clit, I screamed out, only to be muffled by Masters cock, being shoved down my throat. He grabbed my hair by the ponytail and forcefully pulled my lips down on his shaft. He was deeply pumping at my face as he counted for me; “One, two, three, four, five – Now!” I felt this wave roll over me as the ice touched my swollen clit this time. I wanted to cry out but was muffled by him furiously fucking at my face, his balls bottoming out on my chin. The ice had melted where I left it. As the warmth of my wetness began to trickle down my leg and replaced the cold, he withdrew his still stiff member from my throat. My pussy still throbbing and twitching as I rocked out what was left of me.

Pulling me by my hair while lifting me to my feet, he growled “So you want TWO Masters, do you?” Before I could even reply, he asked, “Do you think you can handle two of us?” I was almost afraid to answer, but got up the courage and replied bravely “Yes, Sir” and then grinned slightly. That was a mistake. A big mistake. An evil look came over him and with the one hand on my ponytail, the other tightly holding me in place; he forced me face down over the arm of the chair and said, “Let’s see!” His legs pinned mine together closely and he rammed his cock deep inside me. Pulling on my tail and cocking my head back, he pumped deeply and furiously. With his free hand, he began to spank me hard as he pumped. “Still think you can handle it?” he said in-between grunts. I almost couldn’t answer from the pummeling, but still managed to blurt out “YES-S-S-S-S, SIR-R-R-R-R!” The fire in my pussy was welling up and could feel I was close yet again. I begged him “May I cum Sir, Please!” He didn’t lose stride, as he responded loudly, “NO! Not yet!” I could barely hold on and thought I might not be able to comply. Then, out of the corner of my right-eye, I saw his leg appear up on the desk. He thrust his cock as far in me as it would go and I swear that I saw stars. Still holding my head back, his body slapped mine so furiously, that I was uncontrollably grunting to the rhythm. Again, I begged him to let me cum. He did not answer. His pace quickened even further and through gritted teeth he replied, “NOWWWW!” As I let the fire within take over, the warmth of my juices surrounding his cock sent him right over the edge. His body jerked and contorted as he released his pleasures deep inside. Cum splashed everywhere as he kept pumping until he was completely drained. His legs finally gave out and as he dropped to his knees, his shrinking member slipping out of my still throbbing pussy. He lay there on the carpet, sweating and exhausted, but through his labored breathing said “You know what to do”. I could barely stand up, as my legs were numb and felt like rubber. I turned and dropped to my knees, and proceeded to lick our juices off his now-limp cock. He moaned as I cleaned him with my tongue. When I was nearly done, his hands guided me up, and he cradled me in his arms. Chucking with a grin, he said, “You did very well my sweet girl. Maybe you can handle this. We shall see”. As the exhaustion overcame us, we quietly drifted off to sleep, right there, wrapped in each other’s arms.

“I have done what you asked, Master”, she wrote in her reply. Does this please you, Sir? Then she signed it:

Your humble servant

Samarel erotic art and bdsm adult fantasies

Watching Wifey | Adult fantasy by Wicked lil angel

Watching Wifey...

It was a short workday and he arrived to an awfully quiet house. Going from room to room but not seeing anyone made him suspicious. He thought, “Where is everybody?” As he neared the office, he could hear odd noises, which made him very curious. As he quietly peered into the office, he could see that his wife was reaching for something on the floor… so he thought. As she bends over and she begins to slide her long silky loungers down past her knees, flips up the back of the shirt and teasingly shoots you the moon… wiggling her cock teasing butt…. As if she knew he was there! “Did she see me?” he wonders.

He remains quiet as he spies on his wifey’s little afternoon delight. He can see her furry little red mound through her slim thighs. It’s the furriest pussy he ever seen…hmm what’s that moving in it? Slowly, he can see two fingers gently kneading the tiny pink hood protruding from the dense brush… “ooooooohhh” she moans. She likes that… He is having a hard time keeping quiet as he watches. His breath is getting hotter by the minute and the bulge in his pants begin to ache. Circling her fingers around the edges of the hood, he could see that little love hole is getting shiny with ooze… She keeps furiously kneading and pulling until she can’t stand the teasing anymore. Her breath is quickening and her pussy lips are visibly swollen. As she gently glides her middle finger deeply into the hot little hole, she begins to pump it. Then she adds another finger and another… Until she has her entire hand buried deep in her pussy and begins to slowly pump. Wow! He can’t stand the throbbing pain in his groin much longer! He wants to take her now! He restrains himself to see just how far wifey will take this…

Now she’s really hot…. Still hiding behind the bookcase, he peers on as she frantically begins to look for her man’s favorite pillow… Ah, there it is…. Right where she left it after the last fake fucking frenzy. She finds the large pillow and places it in the office chair seat, then places the smaller pillow on top, (as she likes to make it bulky, so she can pretend to be riding her man). She kneels down under the desk and reappears with two vibrators. He can see that one is a large girth, glee with a mushroom head and the other a small, round egg made of shiny metal.

Gently, she positions herself and straddles the two pillows. As she turns on the large one she begins to stroke it with some lube. Carefully, she inserts the buzzing pole into her aching pussy. Slowly she pulls it in, then out, and deeper with each thrust. Abruptly pulling it out, she pushes the button to the highest setting it will go and thrust it as far into her pussy as it would go! He could see it disappear between her legs until her hand slammed her mound. She hovered over the pillows in a straddle position and quickly sat on them to hold the quivering artificial beast deep within her. Slowly, she begins to rock back and forth. She was moaning deeply, as if she was far away in fantasy fuckland. “I wonder what she is thinking about”, he thought. He could hardly stand it, but was too intrigued and wanted to see more. Then, she turned on the shiny little egg and lifted her legs up onto the desk. He watched as she lubed the egg too. Still rocking, she begins to circle her hood, crying out as it neared the top. Her hips began to writhe with pleasure as her egg went around, faster and faster…

She pushed it hard and held it long over her button, which took her right over the very edge. As she screamed and exploded into a furious orgasm, he could stand it no longer. He stepped out from the bookcase and unzipped his pants. Hearing the zipper, she looked up with surprise. Shocked, but still writhing from her orgasm, she was powerless. “This is what you do all day when I’m at work?” he said. All she could do was blush and smile. Now, it was his turn…


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Beg me | Erotic art and poetry

Beg me | Erotic art and poetry

Beg me

You must understand this
I command my every wish
you will listen when I call
every wish I demand
you must beg for more

You must listen to me
and do what I say
my every command
you will have to obey

When I command you to touch me
in those places and spaces you dare
you will ask me how
I will tell where
I will tell you just once
you will beg me again
to take you there

When you reach that place
you want to taste
you will bow your head
with such eminent grace

Your tongue will be hanging
underneath my lips
I will squeeze your head
between my hips
and again you will beg
for just one lick

On your knees with all
fours on the ground
your mouth wide open
while I drip on your tongue
you will beg once again
before I will cum

I’ll place my foot
on the small of your back
pull down your pants
and give you a smack

I will hold you down
with my pointed shoe
while I twirl my umbrella
and make you turn blue

You will like what I do
as I tease your behind
when I lift up my leg
and spread my sunshine

You will pant like a dog
just waiting to be fed
my treats you can’t have
like a good little doggy
remember you must beg

Erotic art and poetry for your sexy minds
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