Toys in Arse | by Alisson

Toys in Arse | by Alisson

Last night my children were out, I was alone in my home, watching a movie, my mind started to wonder… the movie wasn’t holding my attention….I decided to change viewing….went and selected a movie from my private collection, and started fantasizing about you…. took a vibrator that I thought was closest to your size…. and with great difficulty slid it into my aching cunt…:) I had been watching a video with a lot of oral anal stuff. My muscles on either side of my cunt were aching… I was trying to make the feeling last, power of the mind… (thinking of fluffy animals and children’s birthday parties – didn’t work , guess I was weak in the grey matter department last night.) Slowly pushed it in as far as it would go…. instead of pumping it in and out, I turned it slowly, feeling the ridge of the vibrator deep inside me. It felt cold but good, I wondered what it would be like to fuck you, would I feel your dick touch the same spot? Would you take short strokes for me, all of about half inch at a time? Just rubbing me inside with your swollen dick? I’m starting to get the same feeling as I did last night, just thinking and writing about it. The movie changed to another scene, 2 ladies and a guy, this girl was leaning over a balcony, there was a chick on the other side, she was sucking on the chicks nipples, there was a guy behind her, spreading her cheeks, sliding his tongue into her arse, half his tongue was inside her, I could see she was enjoying it, I turned on the vibrator, horney as hell, trying to delay my orgasm… dam – didn’t work, i squeezed my vibrator so hard with spasms I think I broke something anyway, that was all your fault…
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A Fantasy or A Dream

A Fantasy or A Dream

I dream of you every night
Feeling your touch
Ever before I could see you,
Rendering me helpless to move.
My emotions mixing with desire and fright.

You slowly lower my blanket,
Exposing my nightgown-clad body.
My eyes widen suddenly,
As your lips trail over my skin so softly,
Yet I feel as though I am on fire.
Your lips are a wondrous magical weapon,
Causing my skin to heat up so sweetly.

Your strong but gentle fingers slide my nightgown aside,
So that your warm tongue may suckle upon my collarbone,
Causing me to whimper and moan.
Oh please, ’tis such sweet torture,
But you ignore my plea as your hands begin to wander,
Causing my body to arch gracefully off the bed.
As you move my nightgown off my shoulders,
My full round breasts come into view.

I hear your deep grown of arousal,
A moment later, your hungry lips capture a tip of a quivering breast,
As your other hand cups the other, squeezing possessively.
My lips part softly in desire, as my heart beats helplessly,
While your hand reluctantly leaves my body to rip the rest
Of what remains of my nightgown,
Throwing it down.
I look up into your dark eyes, as they sparkle with meaning,

Before feeling your hands gripping my hips tightly.
You plunge deeply into my body with one swift movement,
Causing me to gasp at the pleasure-pain
Of your manhood forcing my body to take all of you
Into my warm, velvety sheath.
Your lips capture my cry,
As you take me slowly and deeply,
Merging our bodies so completely.

You suddenly sit up, taking me with you,
With your hands tightly on my hips,
I slowly and deeply, take you inside of me
As you hold me upon your body so easily.
I arch my body back, as your lips recapture my little nipples,
Nipping and biting gently, sending ripples
Of shock and desire running rampant throughout my body.

I feel your grip strengthening,
As you feel my body tightening,
Knowing you were waiting for me to join you
In the pleasure of our release.
I cry out and bite your shoulder,
My body quivering with intense heat; never wanting it to cease.
Suddenly you slip a finger slightly inside my bottom,
Your lips suckling hard on my rosy nipples,
Combined, those movements causes my cry out with raw passion.

Your hot milk fills my womb as my own sweet juices coat you manhood in devotion.
I faint away with the intense mating,
And for what seemed like only moments, I open my eyes,
I lay alone in my bed.
Bewildered of what had just transpired.
Was this just a dream or some sort of fantasy?

A moment later, all doubts vanished,
When I seen you standing before me.

Samarel erotic art and adult fantasies



Remove the mesh that bares my soul

spread my legs and make me whole

watch as my garden begins to grow

as my heavenly juices begin to flow

Take your time to plant your seed

part my garden take what you need

use the tools you need to sow

deep down inside where you must go

Water your garden replenish the soil

play in my garden you love to toil

you will reap the seeds that you sow

with desire and pleasure my secret garden

you will forever now know.

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Pleasurable Force | Erotic art Samarel, Sexy writing Fallen Angel

Pleasurable Force | Erotic art Samarel, Sexy writing Fallen Angel

A Friday night and all was dead
As dirty thoughts entered my head
Who to call , who to fuck
I’m all alone , It’s just my luck

The wine I drunk made my head spin
The doorbell rang and you stepped in
You looked at me with hungry eyes
I wanted you to hear my cries

In frozen silence we undressed
You were so big , I was impressed
You threw me down upon the bed
Nothing was heard , nothing was said

Spreading my legs with forceful hands
I followed all your commands
I lay there still while you devour with power
Taste and lick hour by hour

Each time I am about to cum
You stop and linger just for fun
You torture with your wicked ways
I’m powerless with your gaze

With no release I twist and turned
Till you say cumming must be earned
You force my arms down with your knees
You say it’s time, I aim to please

Puching your cock into my face
I suck you dry with poise and grace
I watch as you loose all control
You are the half that makes me whole

On me now my legs still parted
Finishing what you had started
I don’t try to hold back my screams
You force me to fulfill my dreams

Erotic art and adult fantasies


I AM ....... YOU ARE

I am the image you dare to dream
I am the nightmare in your scream
I am the one you seek in the night
I am the one who turned off the light
You are the one who falls to the floor
You are the one anxious for more
You are the one ready to succumb
You are the one who wants to cum
I am the one who decides what is right
I am the force use with all of her might
I am the shock awakening every nerve
I am the body you wish to serve
You are the mouth that needs to feed
You have the fingers that ache with need
You are the one who I’ll give permission
You are the one giving in total submission
I am the darkness you’ve always known
I am the princes upon the black throne
I am the one to inflict the pain
I am the one who ignites the flame
You are the one to obey my commands
You are the one to meet all my demands
You are the center of my darkest temptation
You are the object of my newest creation

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I cum for you

I cum for you

Lying on white satin sheets
Feeling the urge to explore
Wanting to be naughty
Wanting the touch of another
But I am alone in the dark
My imagination will be my lover tonight
I reach down and touch my wetness
Feeling the silky walls from the inside
it’s warm and inviting
I wish you could see it
I wish you could smell it
I would love for you to taste it
As darkness spills around me
I open my thighs and spread them wide
I begin to examine my darkest places
it’s poetry in motion
I’m covered in lust and sin
I want to feel that erotic high
Can’t wait a minute longer
I need to feel that rush
No longer in control
Hands are fast and furious
Writhing on the bed
I’m possessed by my desires
I think of you before cumming
I savor the moment
I wish you could see me
When I scream out
because when I cum
I cum for you …

Erotic poetry by Fallen Angel for Samarel art