With one finger

With one finger

With one finger i place upon your lips,
You begin to suck because you can’t resist…
I know your weakness and it pleases me so,
Your pulse will race and your blood will boil…
I will pleasure you with just my words of touch,
And all the while i want you as much…
To my knees, i will stare at my king…
As i will savor, all of your flavor…
Never taking your eyes off me,
I will drive your body to insanity…
With every suck and every lick,
It pleases you when i choke on it…
With blinding excitement you want to faint,
But you would never miss a minute of what i paint…
Oh how your body shakes and pleads,
For now you have planted your seed.
You want to speak but can only whisper,
For now i have shown a more passionate picture…

Jeannie | Samarel erotic art

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