Sweat dripping, body aching


Within your arms I am safe
I am able to sleep deeply as I listen to the sound of your heart beating
I lay watching your perfection, gently tracing your lips with my fingertips
Wrapped within you I am loved, wanted … unconditionally
You understand my needs, my desires
You and only you can bring me to that place I can seldom go without you
I feel my heartbeat faster, my breathing getting heavier as I think of straddling you
just to caress my wetness on your thigh as I move your arms up above your head
You just lay there… a smile, Oh so sexy smile on your face… eyes still closed
ready for me, I slide you into me s l o w l y 
cherishing each move inward, sounds made by each other as you are inside me
I can feel you throbbing, I tighten … moving you in and out of me
It’s hard to breathe, for the moaning, the sweat building dripping on your chest
You love it when I take control, satisfying myself… grinding to my needs
Still holding your wrists tightly over your head
I need you in deeper.…I put my feet beside your hips as I move up and down
on your manhood…hearing you moan, lifting your hips
my thighs begin to hurt, knees ache…difficult position to be in but I love it
You love it…
My back arches, about to come … I demand you “do it baby, make me come”
You grab my hips helping me move up and down… thrusting in harder and harder
then I collapse.with soaked hair, scent of sweat I’ve dripped on your chest
My body still quivering… I lay exhausted, pleasantly exhausted
upon your chest once again
to fall asleep within the arms full of passion ~


Samarel erotic art and sex poetry | www.samarelart.com

Cyber Lover | Adult quickie by Pink La Femme

Woman masturbating having cyber sex

He sits stroking letters of a keyboard, pushing each button with every clever line he writes. His words sometimes witty, sometimes funny, sometimes confident, sometimes angered, but many times flirty and seductive. I often wonder why I find him here or really even myself in this cyber world away from our normal reality of life and into a place of freedom to be the person we are, the person we want to be, or the person we secretly are.

He penetrates my mind, working his way around my body with just his words. He kisses my lips with soft simple kisses, his arms around my waist, pulling me closer to him, kissing now with more ferocity, and I giving in to this sexy cyber lover. As each of his sentences touch my body, he squeezes my full breasts and sucks my erect nipples, making me want him more. His cock stirs with the exchange of messages and I can almost feel the bulge in his jeans grow harder and thicker. The anticipation to physically touch him drives my desire even further as surges of sexual pulses run through me. He slowly works his sweet words down my breasts to my stomach, and quite skillfully to my now wet pussy. Flicking my clit and plunging his sexy tongue into me. I reach down to touch myself as he works his magic on my soul. Giving in to our hunger, I spread my legs wider imagining him there, touching him, and touching myself more. He replies to the intensity I am feeling. His prose expertly plays with my pussy and I feel the rush of orgasm upon me. At that moment he sends his thick hard cock into my velvet passion, thrusting harder and faster, taking me to a highly electric state. I can’t hold back any longer as my body spasms and cum flows out and drips around him. Words dance around us and we melt together into one, not wanting to stop as we fall deeper in the fantasy world of cyber sex and lust.

My head reels with this delicious exchange of messages. Left speechless and separated by binary codes and pixels, we must part and I sign off to look forward to another day, another exchange of verbal seduction, another hope of a real day to come with this amazing cyber lover.


Adult quickie – for Samarel erotic art magazine

Harder and harder, faster and faster….

Closeup of penetrating cock into hot wet pussy

Hands that lovingly caress my fevered skin

Hot flesh that slowly teases before sliding in

Mouth that drinks sweetly first from my lips

On the way down to my dusty pink erect tips

Flickers of passion courses through my blood

Desire reaches a crescendo, releasing its flood

Strong arms that hold me tightly as we join as one

This feeling is perfect and always second to none

Harder and harder, faster and faster, deeper and even deeper

Oh god oh god i know this one is my soul’s master and

Tensing and quivering, shuddering and shaking

Hot seed is spilling and the feel sends me quaking

The room is spinning, my breath is all but lost

I must have this forever no matter the cost

I know when my speech is yet able to begin

The words i shall speak .. “Can we do this again?”


The Art of Making Love Galleries ~ by Samarel

Take me ~

Woman riding man

Soft lips part
Sweet desire
Flame smoldering
Quick little breaths
Taste of you
Melding together
As if intended
Two pieces
Of a puzzle
Complementary, necessary
Feeding at love’s buffet
Sinful gluttony
Desire builds
Sweet Novocain
Numb the pain
Fire within
Burns without end
Falling, lost in a sea
Of passion
Writhing as if serpents
Intertwined by fate
Don’t hesitate
I’m here
Take me


The art of making love by Samarel

In the dark

Woman masturbating

I feel your hands

You touch me gently

I can no longer stand

With every kiss

And those supple lips

You take my breath away

I beg for more

I beg you to stay

When you’re not here

I touch myself there

I feel your fingers

Through my hair

I begin to swell

Only you can tell

My nipples harden

In the darkness

I’m hot as hell

Only in the dark

Do I feel this way

I would never know

You during the day


by Shopgirl – for Samarel Erotic Art – Samarel Art of Making Love