Hot Fuck – illustrated adult fantasy

Chatting to you on email this morning, my mind working overtime
thinking about your words, your last remark, go home, ill meet you
there… dash home and fly into the shower… scrub my body from top
to toe… till my skin tingles…. soap my swollen throbbing clit….
gently, gently… taking extra special care… squeezing it between my
fingers till it hurts… it needs your mouth…. your tongue…. thinking
about the day we kissed for the first time… your soft lips, your gentle
passion….. more soap, warm water, spread my legs, my pussy hot in
my hands…. the warmth of the water on my body…. I know I’m
going to get your tongue there… I want to be sweet tasting for you; I
want you to want more of me…. I play with myself thinking of your
mouth, your tongue… not thinking about your cock, putting that to the
back of my mind… your thick cock… wet with juice for me… the hot
water running down my back, rinsing the water off my swollen pussy,
off my throbbing clit…. my nipples are hard in anticipation of your
warm mouth sucking gently on them… they are hard, proud and
waiting for attention… puckered and aching for your warm mouth….
I can’t stand the aching anymore; I grab a towel and rub my skin dry.
My pussy is slippery and wet, I cant wash the juices away fast enough,
my thighs are already slippery and wet for you…. my fingers slip
inside my pussy for a second, just need to feel something inside me….
anything… I don’t care, I need something thick and throbbing to be
slammed into my aching cunt…. my phone rings, you are at the
gate… I am waiting for you. You lock the door behind you, you don’t
come find me. You go straight for the shower…. your cock already
hard… you step into the shower, the water is hot, your cock is hard….


you soap yourself down, your head of your cock is purple with blood, it
is big and thick, standing straight up, pre-cum leaking as fast as you
wash,…. lots of soap, you slowly wash your balls, enjoying the feeling,
want to ‘wash’ them a while longer and force yourself not to cum, you
spread your legs like I did, you soap yourself from the top of your back
right thru to the tip of your cock…. someone is watching you, you
know its me, but you ignore me… you carry on washing….you turn
your back on me, soaping your butt cheeks, spreading them so I can
see your butt hole ,,, you know this drives me crazy, because you
know I want to slide my tongue inside you, you know I want to lick
your sac, you know I want to suck your cock…. but you are taking
your time,,, teasing,,, teasing….. you slide your finger into your butt
,,, so I can see, then slowly take it out, spreading your cheeks even
wider… so I can see better… its making you so hot, knowing I am
watching you play with yourself… you soap your cock some more,
slowly running your hand up and down your shaft, it feels good….

The anticipation of what’s to come is driving you wild…. you turn
around and face me,,, your cock long thick and hard, waiting for me….
you grab a towel and step out the shower grabbing the body oil,
squirting loads into the palm of your hands, rubbing it all over your
body, on your chest, your arms and legs… your body glistening with
your tanned and toned body… I can see every muscle in your tight
hard body… muscles rippling as you work the oil into your skin…. My
body is trembling just watching you, your dark hair still dripping wet
with water, the steam still coming off your body causing droplets in
the oil… you turn your back to me, more oil on your butt and legs,
your perfectly shaped hard ass, my juices flowing easily between my
thighs, just looking at you… throbbing for you, wanting you deep
inside me. You turned around and looked at me for the first time,
your icy blue eyes staring at me, raping me… I can see the lust in
them, your cock throbbing for me…. You grab me by the arms and
pull me towards you, not gently or slowly, you slam my body into
yours, I can feel your hard body grinding into mine. Your fingers
entwined into my hair, pulling my head back, you run your tongue up
my neck biting as you go, your other hand grabbing firmly at my
wrists clasping them together I’m pinned against the wall… your
mouth snaking its way down my chest, licking kissing and taking in the
smell of my skin. Your mouth finds my nipples, hard and ripe waiting
for you. you suck my nipple into your mouth, sucking hard, biting at
the same time… the pain turns to ecstasy, I arch my back pushing my
chest deeper into your face… you pull my wrists further down my
back, forcing me to arch my body further and force my knees open
with your thigh…. A very awkward position for me, but your strength
keeps me standing firm…. Your hot kisses on my tummy, sucking and
licking towards my very wet cunt. You turn me around, forcing me to
bend over the bed, spreading my legs further apart, your hand grabs
for my pussy, cupping it and sliding your thumb into my hot hole at
the same time. You push it in far, squeezing your fingers and thumb
together…. Keeping your hand still, just holding tight…. You’ve
stretched my arms above my head, pushing down on my elbows
pinning me to the bed, your other hand oiling my back, ass and legs…

Fucking couple erotica

Roughly, squeezing my muscles of my ass, pushing the palm of your
hand into my muscles along my spine and legs… I can feel your arm
slide along my waist pulling me into a standing position, you hand
rubbing my ass, your fingers teasing my anus, both your hands on my
butt cheeks, massaging with your fingers while your thumbs probe my
pussy and my anus at the same time… I can feel your tongue slide into
my anus, your warm wet tongue probing, licking and sucking…. My
juices oozing from my horny cunt… your hand around my waist you
rub my clit between your fingers… I want you inside me… I want your
cock slamming deep inside me, I don’t want gentle lovemaking, I want
it hard and deep… your thumb inside my ass again, it feels good,
slowly massaging…. You hold my hips gently, I know what’s coming, I
can feel your cock pushing gently on my anus a little at a time,
pushing a bit further your cock is huge, I can feel it inside my ass, I
can feel it throbbing and hot,,, my juices oozing down my legs, you
slowly working that thick juicy cock of yours in and out of my butt. Oh
god it feels good… I know its not going to take me long from here…
your hands tightening on my waist, sliding in and out, your thick cock
riding slowly, I can feel the head of your cock inside me… rubbing…
rubbing…. Oh god I can feel I’m going to cum, my toes are tingling,
my ears and nipples are tingling I can feel the rush starting racing up
towards my stomach, the throbbing in my clit and cunt, you put a
bottle of poppers under my nose and I sniffed it just before I came, a
hot rush from my head, my feet rushing, my legs loosing all feeling,
rushing and exploding in my body, my whole body shaking, blood
rushing thru my whole body pulsating… and then I felt you slam your
cock deep inside me, your body trembling, a sound coming from the
pit of your stomach, traveling up to your throat, a groan a rumbling….
pulling my body close to yours, grinding your hips against my ass,
getting in as far as you can I can feel your body sweating against
mine, I can feel your muscles tighten, I can feel your cock shooting its
hot thick load deep inside me, waves of cum, hot thick cum….. we
stood like that feeling our bodies locked together in ecstasy… the
throbbing slowing and the muscles relaxing, our breathing slowing and
the grip loosening… you kissed me on my shoulder and wrapped your
arms around me… the sweet feeling of a hot fuck…

by Allison for Samarel adult magaine |

One thought on “Hot Fuck – illustrated adult fantasy

  1. Love that vibe in the first gif…did you draw it, or is from a photo? I did one with a vibe from a gif of myself a while ago…but that one is really sexy….

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