The Aftertaste

Adult erotic fantasy art by Samarel
I can’t stop the dream. My eyes are open, and all I see is him. I close my eyes, and I swear I can taste him. I lick my lips and savor the aftertaste of sweat and cologne that was left as my lips memorized his tensed abs. My hands feel full of his strong flesh as I look to realize I hold air. I turn to see him with his hands on my back as I feel the heat radiate through me.

 Nothing. He is not there.

 I settle with the knowledge that his soul is not mine but floats beyond my meager touch. I swallow the craving to kiss his neck and trace his jaw line with my tongue searching for his lips. I block my heart with emotional constraints knowing his love lies elsewhere. Away from him I turn….

 Nothing. He is not there.

Hands that lovingly caress my fevered skin

Erotic art picture by Samarelart
Hands that lovingly caress my fevered skin

Hot flesh that slowly teases before sliding in

 Mouth that drinks sweetly first from my lips

On the way down to my dusty pink erect tips

 Flickers of passion courses through my blood

Desire reaches a crescendo, releasing its flood

 Strong arms that hold me tightly as we join as one

This feeling is perfect and always second to none

 Harder and harder, faster and faster, deeper and even deeper

Oh god oh god i know this one is my soul’s master and keeper

 Tensing and quivering, shuddering and shaking

Hot seed is spilling and the feel sends me quaking

 The room is spinning, my breath is all but lost

I must have this forever no matter the cost

 I know when my speech is yet able to begin

The words i shall speak .. “Can we do this again?”

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Soft as a feather

Naked woman making hot love to her manPleasing you is my desire
which burns deep within me
sharing each other
with stolen moments
longing to hold you
kiss you, make love
to feel you
feel me …

Just to taste you
my heart beats fast
The gentle way you touch my skin
fingertips, tongue, limbs
sweeping around and down until
You have total control over me

I gently lay my head backwards
as you kiss my neck
like a feather tracing my lips to my breasts
My body quivers from your touch

Patiently you satisfy me
sending me to places I’ve never been

This addiction
affection, to be loved, make love
to feel, to live … freely
Finally ~

Undying love for poetry | Samarel erotic art

Dare i?

Couple fucking hard...erotic picture art by Samarel
Dare I

beg for you to place your lips upon mine
softly kissing me, holding my neck with your firm embrace?
Dare I
beg for you to place your hands in the center of my chest
stroking my flesh between my breasts?
Dare I
beg for you to spread my arms out, as you nibble and place kisses
back and forth, finding your way to my breasts… down to my belly to my
wetness you so created?
Dare I
beg for you to taste me, to slowly lick to my desires?
placing your fingers inside of me, dancing with my ecstasy.
Dare I
beg you to turn me over, place me on all fours, wrap your hands in my hair
pulling just a bit to show me you want me deeper? 
Dare I
beg you to grip my hips firmly, thrusting yourself inside of me?
To dare you to
roll me over and lick deeply my wetness, to taste what you brought me to? 
To begin again, with hands bound, eyes blinded as you lick and bite with
soft kisses upon my sweat.

I Dare you to take me into your arms, bring me to the highest place I’ve never
been. To tease me, lick me, sex me …. until I am begging you to stop ~

Undying love for poetry | Samarel erotic art

Lay me down

Making love art by Samarel

Lay me down baby…Take me, glide your body into mine…I beg of you, please darling … spread me open….With your strong hands caress my body….With your perfect mouth bite me gently….Kiss me passionately…Hold my arms above my head, tie me to the bedpost….Take the red silk scarf from my neck, blindfold me baby…I long for your touch……loosing my breath as your fingers…Glide down the center of my chest, between my aching breasts….I yearn for your touch, our breathing becomes harder, faster…As you take me into your mouth, sucking me, nipples erect….Teasing me with your fingers…. gently in, around and out and in again…My hips move to your touch, scooting down to get more of you inside of me…Your mouth touches mine… finally Such passion in your kiss, as our tongues explore one another….My heart is beating so fast, I want to see you… I beg…You don’t untie the scarf from around my eyes… you spread my legs open…I can feel the throbbing of your cock, gently opening me up…I claw at my wrists for such pleasurable pain, going inside so deep…Lifting my legs upon your shoulders I bite my lip… bringing blood….You kiss the blood away, as your tongue traces my lips, my chin …to my neck….Thrusting into me …. deeply, I moan, I beg …. I come…Removing the scarf just in time to see my eyes as I come, release onto you my juices, my love…Loving the look in my eyes, my lips so red from sucking them, biting them Heels digging into you… you love it, begging me for more… I do what you ask of me….Laying me sideways now, kissing my neck, biting me gently and licking me … taste of salty sweat…Hands still tied to the bed, finally releasing them to touch you, pulling you inside me deeper…I love your moaning in my ear, breathing so fast, the throbbing now explodes into me…I love it when you come, you scratch my hips with your nails… digging into me deeply…As you wrap my hair into your hands, pulling me into you….We lay beneath the sweat drench sheets of our love…..Falling fast asleep, body entwined, hearts beating together …. breathing is the same…..We are one, one love, one lust, one passion … never to loose each other, always in one another’s arms, longing, staring into eyes that never seem to blink…….knowing your here holding me… I can safely sleep….Within the arms of my love, to celebrate night after night…never to tire, always reaching deeper into the heart of another… like we did tonight ~

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Lips i dare to touch

Giving head, deep oral sex and sucking hard
Strong hands caressing my bare skin moving softly, 
gently … fitting perfectly within your curves
Full lips pressing upon my neck
releasing passion that has been building
over time and then
Now, we have these stolen moments
Oh! To finally feel you touch me, to breathe you in, body like silk
as we glide as one, under the moon, the stars as we’ve seen them
on the opposite sides of our worlds
So worth the wait

We have no need to hunger for we feed off one another
Nor do we thirst for we drink from one another
Hearts beat as one … this longing, finally here within each others arms
Taking your time to just admire me… with all my imperfections
years older, much wiser … although not worrying about anything
as I would years ago. Just allowing myself to let go… live and be free
I run my fingers through your dark thick hair, tracing your features, your lips I dare touch …

My nails dig deep into your back, clawing at what I want… not holding
anything back…..You kiss me in between my thighs, working your way to my wetness just for you, licking softly, deeply… into me, I moan, I beg for more your tongue seduces me with an orgasm totally free to give into your mouth drinking me in, sucking my juices as they flow
kissing my thighs, my knees, ankles … gently biting them…teasing me as your throbbing cock patiently awaits for me

taking your time… oh, something so very new to me, something I can get use to … if only we had more days, nights, more hours with this candlelit moon shining in our window, stars so bright … no need for any light finding my way to you, your heart beats fast, breathing is heavier, as I take you in my mouth … giving you pleasure
loving your taste, your hands wrapped in my hair… tugging at me gently not to stop… not that I would … loving you holding me there

taking you in deeper… all the way in, up and down, swirling my tongue around growing larger and larger… I want you in totally …. deep in my mouth, my throat deep, coming as I give no mercy… sucking so good, fondling your balls, scratching at
your thighs… begging you to let go baby … go ahead and explode, let me drink you in now….Gentle back scratches up and down, falling asleep in the warmth we made to awake to find you ready to go again

This time, you place a pillow under my hips, hands on hips… wetness already there I reach around and place you in … telling you to fuck me hard, fuck me good baby Oh! I need it so bad… Yes! Take it all the way… damn it feels so good Hurts so good, keep going … harder and harder baby… I’m coming Your nails dig down my back as I come, moaning with pleasure begging you to come… I squeeze at just the right time, right place as you slip in and out … finally releasing into me We collapse, soaked sheets beneath us, kissing passionately, tugging at each others lips… You take my hair, softly put it to the side, kissing my neck again as I fall asleep ~

Undying love for poetry | Samarel erotic art ►