Midnight Moon | Deni Wom 2014

Dildo in a wet pussy

On nights when there is a full moon, I love to leave the curtains to my bedroom open so that the moon wakes me when the kiss of its brightness moves across my face. There is something about making love in the bright of the moon that satisfies me to my core.

But my hubby had to be out of town this month, on this special night, so I stowed my favorite dildo in the drawer beside my bed. It is both a vibrator and a wonderfully thick piece of art; perfect length, realistic texture, and just flexible enough to be believable. Especially when it’s inside me. The vibrator is in the perfect spot, not at the end like so many poorly designed ones are. It vibrates right on my Sacred Spot in ways that drive me wild.

I was sleeping, dreaming, when Mr. Moon stroked my cheek. As my eyes opened, I remembered that in my dream I wasin the midst of an intense love making session with, of all people, my husband and his best friend! And there were other hands touching me too, but I can’t remember whom they belonged to.

My skin was still tingly where their fingertips had caressed me. I felt enervated everywhere . . . the bottoms of my feet, my fingertips, the back of my knees, my neck, my ears, my nipples, my inner thighs, my labia, even my anus. I was in heaven! In my dream it felt too good to protest.

Besides, my husband was there with me, participating. I didn’t start it. Why not enjoy it?

My husband had kissed my ear. He had whispered, “All our friends want to help you cum harder than you’ve ever cum before, sweetheart.”

Just as he said that, someone’s fingers tweedled my nipple, just the way I like it best.

With the light of the moon caressing me, I fumbled for my toy, managed to turn it on, and began my erotic session with my titillating friend. My nipples were hard as soon as I touched them with its tip. Then, as I slowly moved it down my tummy, my legs spread open. My hips arched upward to entice the toy to meet my growing need.

Deliberately I slowly, slowly moved my toy toward my core. The closer he came to her, the greater my craving for his vibrations. The vibrations coaxed me to press harder against my quivering tummy. Then, as he neared his target, I began to feel the actual vibrations in my hooded clittie.

The instant it actually touched my labia, I lost control of my hands. They jammed the vibrating monster deep into my quivering wet cunt. I pressed it hard, all he way into me, against the end of my sheath. I held it there as my mouth began to wail profanities.

My mind went blank as I exploded into an orgasm. The harder I pressed the tip to my cervix, the harder I came.

I must have passed out.

The next thing I remember was that I was lying on wet sheets. The vibrator was still operating inside me. I place my hand on the short portion that extended beyond my labia. Remembering the earlier sensations, I placed the flat of my hand against the butt end of it, pressed inward again, and experienced another intense orgasm. I heard water splattering. Things turned grey and I suppose that I Must have passed out again.

The next time I awakened, the face of Mr. Moon was gone from my window.

The vibrator was no longer operating, but was still inside of me. I groaned and went back to sleep.

The next morning when I woke up, I could still feel a slight wetness under my hips.

I inserted a finger into myself only to discover stickiness inside me. I withdrew my finger and looked at it. I would swear my finger was covered in cum. I have no idea how it got there, but I was filled with sperm! So filled in fact that when I walked to the bathroom, it trickled all the way to my ankles! And not just a thin rivulet. My inner thighs were covered in the stuff!

I haven’t decided whether to tell my husband yet ….

Edited by James Friedman | Erotic Art by Samarel of www.samarelart.com

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