Taking you in….

erotic couple making love art in bed - by Samarel
This ache, longing to have you. Inside me, 
my mouth watering to taste you! 
I want you deep, deep inside my mouth 
where it is warm, moist … needing you so ~

Ache from the want, desire to take you in, open wide, 
slide down as far as I can for you to cum inside~

Moaning with pleasure is what I want, to please you, 
satisfy you … make you cum for more~

Grabbing my hair, yanking it back and forth 
as not ever getting enough~

Massaging you so, in just the right spot, s
ucking you harder and harder until you explode … 
dripping from my chin ~

I take you in … slow and tight, 
making you feel good baby night after nigh ~


From Samarel erotic making love art collection | www.samarelart.com

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