Etch your poetry on my flesh

Couple making love in bed
Dig deeper, ink bleed into my soul
pen the words of love
on me

Carve your name deeply
in the curve of my back

draw on me
scribe your deepest thoughts
on my inner thigh

I am your canvas
paint me with words
passion so moist from your lips
drip like slow raindrops
upon my hips

Softly trace words on my breasts
blowing like candles
for the ink to dry
you begin to caress

Back arched, head back
mouth open
reaching out to pull you closer
longing for your touch
breathing harder

Make love to me
I’m covered with your words
your darkest secrets
wildest dreams
I’m yours
you have marked me
you own me

Lips kissing my wetness
you created
hours of
making love to my skin
with your fingers,
paints and penned
your desires on me

Take me … lay me down
read out loud to me
as I moan with pleasure

Thrusting deeper
eyes on me, never closed
I bite your lip
tasting a bit of blood
having left my mark
you enjoy

Take me from behind
clawing the top of my back
slowly down to my hips
you grab
gently gliding inside of me
hurt so good baby
tracing your name you carved
into me
I let go and release
pure desire, ecstasy ~

by Undying love for poetry | Samarel erotic art

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