Sweet Surrender ~

Art of making love

Come here … closer
as our lips gently touch
I breathe you in
wanting you, your touch
upon my face
fingers tracing the lines of my lips
holding my head in your hands, running
your fingers through my hair, holding me tight
telling me not to move… stay

This kiss, oh this taste of you
is like merlot, sweet to my tongue
I touch your face with my lips pressing gently
starting at your cheek, moving to your forehead, down
your neck… making my way to your mouth

My heart beats fast, wetness fills me … your firm hold
on my hips as I feel you, throbbing, swaying … we undress
to make sweet passionate love … caressing each others pleasures
letting everything all go away, we are in this moment and right now
we are here to stay …

Take me away baby … take me to the places only you can send me
with your touch, your taste, your sweet surrender to moan and let go
as I’ve not known before…

Passionately we make love, swaying into each other like the ocean
waves against the shore…. sweat, salty taste of you, taking one last
breath before I come, no need to muffle my screams of pure pleasure
that brought me here … You gently keep moving filling me with more
wetness than before, knowing how I make you come brings tears to my
eyes, love to my heart and this want of staying in your arms forever ~

© Undying Love for Poetry ~ Samarel art of making love

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