T o u c h

Woman fingering her pussy
Eyes closed, thoughts of you engraved in my soul

touching myself, imagining your fingers,
your tongue inside of me,
I drift off into our world
the one we created, sharing passion, lust,
exploring our fantasies

I feel you, as I touch myself… I breathe you in
as I sway to my own touch…. thinking of you
between my thighs, moaning, back arched for more
go deeper inside , drink me in

I need your touch, I need your loving caress upon
my breasts, nipples erect … aching for your mouth
warm, moist, biting … bringing me to another orgasm
as your fingers slide into me, mouth sucking my breasts,
finding your way to my mouth, tongue
swirling, exploring, taking me again
Come to me now baby, come … drink me in
my juices flow down your chin
Oh baby, love your touch, I want you, I need you
my body twitches, jerks and releases …
for only you, only your touch ~

Undying Love for Poetry ~ Samarel Erotic Art

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