Yes, i love you

2014-08-18 11.20.02

I know I will never have you totally
only stolen moments through out our lifetime
I am content with this, for I know you love me
I know you have no choice, I know you want me, and need me
I am here for you always

I love you… I will never give up on you
for in the times of sorrow… you’ve been my strength
enjoying the times of happiness… you’ve made my heart feel again
I am living life for the first time …. truly living and feeling life

Shhh! My finger pressed gently on your lips… I love you baby
I take your hand and place it on my breast, I sit on top of you
and gently ride you…. pleasing you, as you beg me to love you
I already do

As you lift me up and down with ease
I tighten myself around you
we are s l o w l y pulling, squeezing, deep into each others wetness
moaning for more… deep, deeper… I press my lips
against yours while making me come ~

Undying love for poetry | Samarel Erotic Art

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