Erotic couple standing naked about to make love - art by Samarel

Powder me, buff me, massage me ….. kiss me
Press your lips close to mine, taste me, drink me in
Twirl your fingers in my hair, pull it a little as you enter me slowly
Paint my body with your sweat
smear it baby … let’s get wet
Glaze me over with sweet sex
Call my name … Pink! 
Scream it, moan it… whisper in my ear P i n k Darling Pink! 
I love your voice, dark and dreamy
As my body quivers with delight
glaze PINK over with your sweat
sex, lust and love…wrapped into one
Rub me, swirl the sweat around me 
I’m your pottery baby
shape me, dig into me, mold me
and after
hold me baby ~

Undying love for poetry | Samarel erotic art

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