Love from long ago

eating pussy, couple in sex act

Years had gone by… never did one day pass without thinking of him. His touch, taste, the way he made my heart ache…wanting more of him. Finally we meet after 20 years. What began as a hug, lead to a talk over a few drinks which ended up to be my lifetime wish – a night spent in the arms of the true one I’ve loved for so long.

The airport had a hotel where we both…without a second thought checked in. The door wasn’t even opened and our night of passion began heatedly.

His strong hands picking me up to meet his mouth to taste him once again was intoxicating, the strength of our love…the deepest of needs, nothing but the two of us, for this night if that is all I could have, I would cherish it forever.

I laid the roses on the bed, a bottle of Champagne on the night stand, it didn’t take long before he gently took the tiny straps off my shoulders, kissing me softly on my neck moving downward to my breasts.

My hands, shaky but aching to touch him sliding them up and down his back scratching gently, moving my way to his mouth to hold, to inhale him, our passion… that long ago and still today takes my breath away.

We moved unto the middle of the bed, a few petals now beneath us the taste lingering of Champagne and sex upon our lips…He stood up looking down into my hazel eyes so deeply, so lovingly … the anticipation just made our hearts beat faster, like kids… once before, but never this passionate.

His hands explore my hair, to my cheeks, caressing my lips my neck, oh how he touched the middle of my chest, kissing my belly licking and nibbling as he makes his way to my wetness….

~ Undying love for poetry | Samarel erotic art

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