Lips i dare to touch

Giving head, deep oral sex and sucking hard
Strong hands caressing my bare skin moving softly, 
gently … fitting perfectly within your curves
Full lips pressing upon my neck
releasing passion that has been building
over time and then
Now, we have these stolen moments
Oh! To finally feel you touch me, to breathe you in, body like silk
as we glide as one, under the moon, the stars as we’ve seen them
on the opposite sides of our worlds
So worth the wait

We have no need to hunger for we feed off one another
Nor do we thirst for we drink from one another
Hearts beat as one … this longing, finally here within each others arms
Taking your time to just admire me… with all my imperfections
years older, much wiser … although not worrying about anything
as I would years ago. Just allowing myself to let go… live and be free
I run my fingers through your dark thick hair, tracing your features, your lips I dare touch …

My nails dig deep into your back, clawing at what I want… not holding
anything back…..You kiss me in between my thighs, working your way to my wetness just for you, licking softly, deeply… into me, I moan, I beg for more your tongue seduces me with an orgasm totally free to give into your mouth drinking me in, sucking my juices as they flow
kissing my thighs, my knees, ankles … gently biting them…teasing me as your throbbing cock patiently awaits for me

taking your time… oh, something so very new to me, something I can get use to … if only we had more days, nights, more hours with this candlelit moon shining in our window, stars so bright … no need for any light finding my way to you, your heart beats fast, breathing is heavier, as I take you in my mouth … giving you pleasure
loving your taste, your hands wrapped in my hair… tugging at me gently not to stop… not that I would … loving you holding me there

taking you in deeper… all the way in, up and down, swirling my tongue around growing larger and larger… I want you in totally …. deep in my mouth, my throat deep, coming as I give no mercy… sucking so good, fondling your balls, scratching at
your thighs… begging you to let go baby … go ahead and explode, let me drink you in now….Gentle back scratches up and down, falling asleep in the warmth we made to awake to find you ready to go again

This time, you place a pillow under my hips, hands on hips… wetness already there I reach around and place you in … telling you to fuck me hard, fuck me good baby Oh! I need it so bad… Yes! Take it all the way… damn it feels so good Hurts so good, keep going … harder and harder baby… I’m coming Your nails dig down my back as I come, moaning with pleasure begging you to come… I squeeze at just the right time, right place as you slip in and out … finally releasing into me We collapse, soaked sheets beneath us, kissing passionately, tugging at each others lips… You take my hair, softly put it to the side, kissing my neck again as I fall asleep ~

Undying love for poetry | Samarel erotic art ►

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