You, me and Irene

Threesome erotica art picture

Irene was lying on the pool deck on the edge of the mountain in front 
of the house; the sun was blazing down, that sun that makes your skin 
tingle, makes you sweat and makes you want more. Sipping on a 
strawberry daiquiri, feeling the ice of the drink chill her hand. One of 
those fantastic summer days where the only spec in the sky are the 
birds riding on the thermals way too high to identify them. 

Irene was hot, the sweat pouring down the centre of her back, trickling 
down between her butt cheeks, the suntan oil tanning her skin to a 
golden brown. She stood up, peeled off her bikini and slid into the 
pool... the cool water finding its way into every nook and cranny in her 
body.... Totally submerged in the water, slowly gliding around the pool, 
her long dark hair following her like seaweed gently drifting in the 
ocean. She rubbed her skin vigorously, removing all traces of oil she 
surfaced and lunged out the pool twisting at the same time plonking 
her butt with a squish onto the now very hot tiles, sizzling her butt 
cheeks and her pussy. 

Quickly standing and with a long stride back onto the pool lounger 
onto her tummy. A deep sigh at the perfection of the day, the 
sunshine, the water and waiting for her man to drop in. 

Staring out at the view of the ocean in the distance, watching, 
listening to the deafening silence, she grabs the suntan oil, squirts an 
ample amount on her hands and starts oiling her body. Starting with 
her arms, neck and shoulders, contemplating standing up and doing 
the rest, her mind wondering, wishing that he man would come and 
finish it off for her.... She will do the rest of her body in a little while, 
just a little nap, swim and then more oil. Irene takes a towel and puts 
it over her head, protecting her skin from the harsh sun and also 
keeping her a little cooler, blocking out the glare while she drifts into 
never land. 

Slowly sinking into one of those sleeps that only sunshine can induce, 
drifting into blackness. In her dream, Irene felt oil or was it sweat 
trickle down her back, snaking its way down her spine, another sliding 
between her butt cheeks; she subconsciously opened her legs so the 
sunshine could warm her pussy. The heat felt good on her pussy and 
her butt. Then very gently she felt hands starting to rub the oil into 
her skin... aaaahhhhh this felt good, her man is home. The hands 
started with the tops of her shoulders, spreading the oil across her 
scorching back, down towards her butt cheeks, long strokes over her 
curvy butt and long strokes to her ankles and feet. The hands then 
rubbed oil between her toes, massaging as they went, and one toe at 
a time, back of her legs, rubbing muscles as they went. More pressure 
on her butt, pulling her cheeks open as they went, the fingers rubbing 
over her anus, more oil, she spread her legs wider, the fingers 
grabbing hand full’s of butt cheeks kneading them, hands into her 
waist applying more and more pressure, squeezing her muscles, gawd 
this felt good... the long muscles down either side of her spine, 
massaging and getting rid of all the stress of the day. A gentle 
breeze, Irene can feel it on her horny pussy, the sunshine the breeze 
and the oil, she can feel her clit beginning to throb. The hands aren’t 
rushing this experience at all, long slow strokes wakening every nerve 
ending in her body.... More oil, hands back on her butt, her cheeks 
being spread, she can feel a tongue on her anus, slowly lapping at her 
skin, back and forth, forcing her to relax the muscles that 
automatically clenched when they were touched..... Licking, feeling.... 
Her legs were opened wider and she could feel a towel been pushed 
under her tummy... Awkward position, but she didn’t mind one little bit. 

Her bum now off the lounger, she could feel cool air from the 
breeze all around her now aching clit, oozing juices, she could feel it 
running down onto her clit. The hands licked at the juices, quietly, 
softly... Irene’s clit was aching, she could feel it growing, it needs to be 
sucked, and she arched her back even more allowing the hands to get 
more of her throbbing cunt into his mouth.... He sucked her lips, 
pushing his tongue deep inside her, his fingers sliding into her hot hole 
gently massaging towards her g-spot.... A thought crossed Irene’s 
mind, this felt so different than before, but it was just a fleeting 
thought. The towel still over her head, she was having fantasies about 
being taken by a stranger... his hands and fingers probing her very 
wet pussy, his tongue probing into her anus, licking sucking and 
making her drip... she wanted more, she wanted his cock in her aching 
cunt, but she never asked, she got into a kneeling position, legs still 
wide open, she felt a head between her legs lapping at her pussy, she 
had wrapped the towel around her head, so she couldn’t see the face 
of her fantasy... her living fantasy,,,, her swollen clit was being sucked, 
there were fingers in her hot cunt and anus, she could feel an orgasm 
building but she didn’t want to cum yet, this felt so good..... she 
wanted thick cock inside her... she wanted to feel it sliding deep inside 
and slowly out again, sucking on her clit, tongue inside her hot cunt, 
licking the wetness... then she felt it... a thick cock slide into her very 
wet cunt... oh god it felt good... in and out... her pussy being sucked at 
the same time, thick cock riding her hot cunt.... How is that possible...
one man doing that... must be a vibrator... cant feel another body 
slamming into my bum... too good to even investigate, enjoying the 
licking the sucking and the fucking..... The cock slide out her juicy cunt 
and slowly slid into her anus.... Slowly, slowly... more oil, fingers deep 
inside Irene’s aching cunt, too much to bear, the waves and waves of 
orgasm while her swollen clit was being sucked and her ass being 
fucked.... The pressure of the mouth sucking harder and harder on her 
lips and clit as Irene came, her body trembling her juices oozing down 
her legs, the mouth lapping her juices as she squirted hot liquid down 
her thighs.... The cock sliding out of her butt, her legs collapsing, she 
lay there in ecstasy... her energy drained from every pore of her body. 
The hands and the cock were gone... she lay there in absolute 

A little while later, she heard voices coming from inside the house, she 
grabbed a towel, wrapped it around her and walked inside. 

There was Irene’s man chatting to a woman friend of his. “Hi honey, 
would you like a drink?’ ‘Yes please....’ Looking in the woman’s 
direction... ‘Let me introduce you to a friend of mine from work... Irene, 
Lindy... Lindy Irene...’ I leant forward to shake her hand, she smelled of 
cocoanuts, I grabbed her hand; it was covered in suntan oil...


Adult fantasy by Allison, for Samarel erotic art

All tied up

So you want to be tied up? I never figured you for someone like that… I haven’t known you for long, but have always thought you were more into domination. I can do this for you… I’m already feeling the beginnings of a slippery pussy just imagining you…. Helpless… blindfolded… submissive… mmmmm…. Come into my parlor…

Winter, dam its cold, have to use that to my advantage, hot and cold, electric blankets and cold air, blindfolded, could be a bit of a mind fuck, pain then pleasure – torture then ecstasy….

My home is empty, for once, not a soul around, and we will be alone for as long as need be… and this is a need to know situation, you don’t need to know, anything, not yet.

You have arrived, just for a visit, you aren’t aware of the little game you are going to part-take in. I meet you at the front door, always smiling, I pull you inside, immediately without a word the blindfold is on, – ‘don’t touch and don’t talk, do as you’re told, no questions’ ‘open your mouth once, you wont do it again’ – ‘yes’ – first lash with the whip, not hard, but a small sting, ‘ you opened your mouth, I told you no words’… you nod your head… a quick learner, good I like that in a man. Now knows when to keep his trap shut…

A long rope, tied on both wrists with about a meter length between, you’re still fully clothed, darn T-shirt still on, good-bye T-shirt, ‘follow me’ we went to my bedroom, the air is cold, I took the scissors, ran them across your stomach, opened and closed them, your body stiffened, I never said a word… ran them from your cheek down your neck… gently… you shifted your weight from one foot to the next… I took you into the shower, looped the rope over the shower rose, forcing your arms above your head, then took the scissors and pressed the cold steel against your chest, and cut… the noise made you grunt, but then you realized it was your T-shirt being cut…. A sigh of relief. All this time, no words exchanged, just breathing all you can hear is breathing, your breathing, uneven, short, apprehensive…… your arms above your head, you’re standing on your toes, the rope is tight, stretching your body…. I haven’t yet touched you, but I can see you are getting interested… your cock starting to snake its way out your jeans…. All of a sudden the tip of your cock is on fire, you automatically turn away ‘ow!’ as you shouted ow, you realized it was the wrong thing to do… whak!… with the whip…. Well at least it took the pain out the tip of my dick… (later to find out it was only a block of ice… J darn woman!…) she’s undoing my zip of my jeans, slowly, mmmm, maybe a blowjob? Lets see, she says she can read minds…. Gawd I’m wet for her mouth on my cock…. Suck me woman…… suck me…. She slides my jeans all the way off my legs, my cock throbbing in the breeze… suck me, suck me its screaming (silently J) then all of a fucking sudden, a burst of cold water!!!!!!!! All over my fucking body, freezing cold fucking water!!!!!!!!! Fuck – bitch!!!! But I managed not to say a word, take that bitch…. In my thoughts…

I’m standing there with the hand shower in my hand, trying desperately to conceal my peals of laughter, composure chix, composure….. shame, that wasn’t nice, but was rather funny…. I regulated the water to slightly on the hot side, but not enough to be uncomfortable. Still with his arms tied above his head, I soaped him from hand to foot, scrubbed his skin until it was red, washed his body, every little inch of it, forcing his feet apart, soaping his balls and his butt… his cock… mmmm growing again, have to sort that…. I rinsed off his cock and knelt down in front of him, taking his head into my mouth, his body stiffened ‘yes!’ -oops, did I hear something? Whak!… whip across his arse with his dick in my mouth…. Pleasure and pain…. I can taste him,,,, he’s wet, very wet…. The warm water, cock in my mouth, my hands gently squeezing his balls, rubbing soap on his arse, I know he’s going to cum…. Mmmm not allowed…. How can I stop that? Now lets see…. Gently suck…. Think think…. Just a small pinch on that wonderful shaft? ow, even I can feel that… well that worked…

Dam! Such an awesome blow, then she does something like that, bitch, bitch…. My cock is throbbing I wanna cum, she wont let me…. The water has stopped, I’m still ‘hanging’ in the shower, she disappears for a second, then a hot towel around my body, mmmmm feels good, but why do I get the feeling that something not good is going to happen shortly? She’s rubbing my body warming me up, getting my circulation going, mmmm feels good, rubbing my hair dry, at last my arms aren’t over my head anymore…. She’s oiling my body, familiar smell, that’s some sort of muscle relaxant, its burning my skin, only on my back, arse and the back of my legs, its stinging but feels good, stinging and cold at the same time. She leads me to her bed, pushes me down by the shoulder and forces me to lie back, ropes around both ankles, the electric blanket is on full ball, hot as hell, the cream on my back and electric blanket makes my body tingle, every nerve in my body standing on edge…. Gawd it feels good, she’s spread my legs and arms, pulling tighter and firmer…. Hold on, how can she be doing right leg and left arm at the same time….. holy crap…. Is she going to do what I think?… will just have to wait and see…. The thought of having two woman, an instant hard on…… I want to see…. Let me see….

(he has this conversation in his mind – of course ) my body tingling still, from the electric blanket and the cream, my stomach and tops of my legs freezing, the air is cold in the bedroom….. pleasure and pain…. Goddammit woman! All of a sudden, my dick is in a mouth, warm mouth, mmmm feels good, and now my balls as well, aaaahhhh what a feeling, I have to try control myself…. Want this to last, doesn’t look like I’m going to get my own way, hands all over me, rubbing kneading, groping, someone kissing me, fuck what a kiss, how many pairs of hands was that? Three? Four? My body trembling, these hands know what they are doing, mouths nibbling at my neck, tongues in my ears, breathing, breathing… hot and cold air…. my cock throbbing, someone sucking me and hand job…. licking my balls, my body shaking I can feel I’m gonna cum…..

uuurrrrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!… yes yes yes…..!!!!!!!!!! whack whack whack!!! Fuck the whipping was worth it…. Hands off, silence… no movement on the bed, I feel so uneasy, what’s happening? The room is warming up, hot air swirling around my body, goose flesh tingling all over my body, aaaaahhhh fuck feels good…. Mmmmmm….. still silence… where is …everybody… I wonder how many…. Voices, soft voices, movement on the bed, warm bodies next to mine, I think 3 bodies, long hair, soft skin, sweet smelling bodies, what are they doing? Well flipping ignoring me that’s for sure… I may as well go to sleep…

No chance, the cock woke up again, wants more action, giggling, warm bodies… the sounds coming from the bed, what were these chix doing? A leg over my body, hair tickling my ribs…. Moaning, soft sounds of pleasure… gentle movements,,, oh gawd, they are playing with each other…. I can hear them, sucking each other, I can hear their pleasure, ‘lick me….’ Slide your tongue into my pussy…. Suck my clit…. Mmmmmm…. These chicks were ignoring me, I’m about as useful as a wet rag at the moment,… lying here with my cock hard as rock, and they just aren’t interested, well so I thought…. All of a sudden, I felt a wetness on my lips, teasing, touching my lips and then moving away out of reach, then back again, pussy lips on my lips, I pushed my tongue out, and all of a sudden, there was a pussy over my tongue, gawd it felt good, tasted good, mmmm let me suck it, gently, she was wet, I could feel her excitement in her clit, hard, wanting more….. I carried on lapping, sucking, this lady was enjoying my tongue… aaaahhhhh a pussy sliding onto my cock, my rock hard cock, pleasure,,,, pleasure…. The pussy riding me, up and down, squeezing my cock, releasing, squeezing, releasing,,,, the pussy in my mouth pushing deeper and deeper onto my tongue, forcing me to lick her out, suck her, deep inside her wet cunt… aaaahhh heaven, my legs been forced open, mouth on my balls, licking my shaft, pussy sliding up and down my shaft, I can feel the pussy on my mouth starting to get wetter and wetter, she’s starting to shudder, her legs clasping the sides of my head…. Uuuuuurrrrrrggghhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Aaaahh…. And she slides off my face, leaving her leg lying on my neck…. I cant breathe, but fuck, it doesn’t matter, I’m in heaven anyway,,,, my cock wanting to burst, but this pussy must help itself first, must enjoy my cock as long as she wants… as it turned out, just a couple more strokes and she exploded on my cock, her cum juices running down my shaft, wet…. Mmmmm… she slid off my cock, only to let the last one slide her pussy onto me… this feels familiar…. Mmmm,,,,, my lady,,,, she leaned onto my chest with her warm boobs touching me, ‘fuck me baby…. Fuck me….’ All of a sudden, my ropes were removed, but the blindfold stayed in place…. I flipped her over onto her back and fucked her… deep, like she wanted me too. Our hips slamming together, I drove my cock deep inside her, the pleasure,,,, no more pain,,,, in – out… deeper,,,, feel the orgasm coming from my toes, the tips of my ears, I could feel it building, then all of a sudden, someone put a bottle of poppers under my nose, I took a deep breath as I came, the poppers made me rush and the orgasm just about blew my head off thru its intensity…. I could feel her orgasm at the same time…. Fuck… what an experience……


He collapsed on my chest, my friends quietly left my room, closing the door behind them, he removed his blindfold and opened his eyes, adjusted his eyes to the light and looked around, not a soul, he looked into my eyes and smiled…..

by Allison for Samarel erotic art |

Sexually Charged

Oral sex, man eating pussy
My body was extraordinarily sexually charged. The slightest real touch of another would have set off a network of internal fireworks culminating in a myriad of climaxes.

I had been without sex for longer than I was accustomed. Each passing day was a torment to me. Concentration was difficult. My mind constantly preyed on the fact that I had not experienced the actual touch of a man. And, oh, how I needed a masculine set of hands on me. That my breasts were ripe for fondling by strong hands. Fingers capable of heightening my need in so many ways. Determined lips and tongue that could press to mine with a roughness able to further stoke my sexual fires. A coarse bit of stubble on a face and a smattering of chest hair that would be in sharp contrast to my smooth, bare flesh. How it would be to feel that body and face grinding into mine, inflaming my skin. Well-toned thighs laying atop my supple ones before forcing them apart. My brain laughed at its continuous reminders that my own fingers and toys were nothing but mere and inferior substitutes for the real thing.

At any given moment, I was an orgasm waiting to happen. The kiss of my shirt against my braless breasts brought my nipples to attention. The firm nubs suddenly screaming to be freed from the confining fabric. The seam at the crotch of my shorts would rub my satin-clad pussy lips, sending ripples of pleasure upward through my deprived body and moisture downward. Listening to music and the suggestive or outright explicit lyrics caused even more chaos and churning within me. Everything I saw and heard and felt was sensual in some way.

I needed a release. An intense one. One not brought about only by myself. I wanted to feel the presence of a male who knew what would drive me wild. One who could bring about the strongest reactions from me.

He was online. The one. He knew. The knowledge of the power of his words over my body was exhilarating. My imagination would enable me to feel him. His first words to me were that he was looking for a pussy to suck. An intense rush swept throughout me. Tingling set in and remained. Immediate control was given over to him.

His mouth closed over my purple satin panties. I whimpered. His warm breath filtered through the silky fabric and met with my heat. He told me to pull on the string bikini panties until they were wedged between my aroused pussy lips. PULL he said. Release. PULL. Release. Already I was noisy. A combination of coos and moans and groans streamed from my mouth. My wetness darkened the purple fabric. As I kept on tugging, he brought his tongue to me. Licking my swollen lips that I was rolling with the now-soaked material. I let out a wail. Shaking in my seat. So quickly he caused those trembles.

He told me to push aside the fabric and scoot my ass over the edge of my seat. He wanted to see my slit. To look inside of my twitching and glistening cunt. My shoulders shook. His moist kisses up and down my spread thighs had me virtually panting. And his strong hands caressed the damp flesh. Manly hands. The touches I had been craving.

“Finger yourself”, he said. In went two fingers, swirling and curling deep inside of me. The writhing of my slippery cunt walls matched the squirming of my whole body. I rocked on those digits, emitting purrs that grew louder and louder. He demanded that I withdraw my fingers and push them into his mouth, while my other hand replaced them in my sloshing pussy. God, how I moaned. He lapped and sucked on my juicy digits, and I fingerfucked myself. Squeezing the index and middle fingers with strong grips of my vaginal muscles. Hanging onto the very edge of a climax, I inserted a third finger, stretching the spasming hole.

I fought to catch a breath to nourish my starved lungs. And just then he brought his nose to my stuffed pussy. He said to hold my hole wide open for him. His nose pressed to my dripping gash, and he inhaled the scent of me. The heady aroma of a woman ready to orgasm. Harder he pushed; his nose grinding into me. Fucking me. My limbs were violently shaking, and my pelvis was thrusting toward him. HARD. Fucking him back.

I shattered. The release I had desired came with amazing force, as did my loud cry. My upper thighs clamped around either side of his face, and I gushed out my girl cum. Smearing him with my juices. How I shook. This body of mine could not seem to settle down. It jerked and shuddered. Repeatedly. I was panting. Shallow breaths not able to satisfy my lungs, and I grew dizzy. A reeling overtook me.

And it was so fucking beautiful.

~by Femme de Scorpion | for Samarel Erotic Art

Cumming in my sleep | Kitty’s sex diaries

Man eating pussy erotic painting by Samarel
Cumming In My Sleep

I had a dream that I came to visit you in your office.

You were working hard and I almost felt guilty disturbing you. But…I was…wet…and hot….my nipples hard and tingling. I could not stop myself from getting closer to you. I knew that if you saw my need you would not deny me, knowing that you are such an attentive lover. I touched your shoulder, and you instinctively put your hand over mine, patting it…just acknowledging that I was there. I lower my head and kiss the top of your head…then the side of your cheek. Lovingly lingering my kiss there. You always seem to know when I need to be naughty.

“Mmmmmmmmm” you say, “Someone needs me”. You turn and smile at me, and I am almost shy and embarrassed that you know my exact thoughts. I smile back at you then kiss your lips, slipping my tongue inside. Oh how I love your taste. It makes me burn inside. I move around and kiss you while you sit in your chair. My hand slides down your belly and then reaches into your shorts finding your cock. You are semi-erect, and that is just not good enough for me baby.

Onto my knees I go, and you take your cock out and “feed” it to me watching…loving the way my lips open and wrap around your head. Immediately I start to suck. Slowly at first, long strokes with my mouth and tongue from your base to your tip, making you harder. My sucking soon becomes more urgent, and I love the taste of you so much, that I am moaning when i do this. Your hands play with my hair, and this drives me wild, feeling your hands anywhere on me now heightens my want for you. My mouth is wet and my saliva bathes your shaft, as I pump you in and out of me. You moan and your hands guide the speed and depth of my mouth and tongue. I hear you moaning and talking to me, telling me how much you love to watch me suck your cock…and how good it feels…how good I am at pleasing you.

You pull me up and we kiss again passionately. You get the taste of your cock and my saliva from my mouth, as you pull down my pants and panties…your fingers now exploring my smooth legs parting for you…giving you total access to my body. You start to finger fuck me, and I break our kiss and beg for your cock. I need you inside of me right now…I cannot wait any longer!!!!

“Easy baby”, you tell me in your calm, controlled way. You own me and I will do everything that you say. You want to eat me before you fuck me, and OH BABY, there is no one that can do this like you. You grab my leg and put it over your shoulder, then bury your face in my pussy licking and sucking, your tongue diving in and out of my wet aching hole. Your fingers teasing and torturing my clit so good. I cannot take anymore, and I moan out to you “I’m gonna cummmmmmmmm baby…yesssssss”, and you love to hear my sighs and moans when I enjoy your tongue. You let me cum on your tongue. You feel my contractions hard around it, and taste my sweet white cum as I squeeze it into your mouth. My hands, buried in your hair, caressing you in appreciation for the gift you are giving me…

Your cock is rock hard and wanting to be inside of me. You put my leg back down, and stroke your cock a few times, letting me watch. You hold it up straight waiting for me to climb on your lap. I want so much to please you, and have that thick shaft inside of my pussy. I eagerly climb up and put my feet on either side of your chair. I squat down, my fingers opening my pussy lips wide, moving my hips back and forth to rub your cockhead on them before I sink down on it. I look into your eyes and let you see my passion for you. I push down, squatting deep, taking your cock in slowly. My pussy squeezes you hard as I take it in, mmmmm yesssssss babyyyyyyy…I am moaning and moving my hips seductively. I take you all the way down to your balls. My hands reach down and massage them gently. I rub my clit and start to ride you like my wild stallion. That is how I see you, you know, my wild stallion that I cannot tame that fucks me so good with his magnificent cock. I ride you…up down, up down. My head back, eyes closed, mouth open. My breasts there for you to enjoy with your mouth, fingers…my nipples so hard and aching for you. You reach to them and pinch them hard…then I feel your mouth sucking and biting them…Your hands groping them. I spread my legs wider…fucking your cock…and overcome with lust and wanting…

I slowly slide upwards, taking your cock out of my pussy. I know what you want baby. I turn around and bend way over…my ass in front of you…my thighs apart…cheeks spread…asshole and pussy…yours to have baby…fuck me…

I slide my hand back onto your wet cock…and rub it on my asscheeks…between them..up and down…then…around my little asshole that I want you to punish with your fat hard cock. I turn to you and say..”FUCK ME”…”I NEED IT”. I push your head inside and move my hips back and forth, each time, you see more of your cock disappear into my ass…my asshole so snug and warm…squeezing and milking your cock. You grab my hips and fuck me hard and deep…slamming your cock into out in out in out…I’m moaning and bucking my hips back against you…my pussy is dripping…my wetness running down my thighs…I need your fingers baby. You push two inside…roughly…deeply…in and out…in and out…rubbing and teasing my clit and lips…You hear me moaning and sighing…Im close baby …I’m close…me too…..then…finally…your cock throbbing so hard inside of my asshole…

I know it is coming soon…my pussy uncontrollably starts to cum on your fingers. You pull my hair hard…impaling me deeply onto your shaft as you shoot your hot cum inside of me. I hear you moaning loud and feel your cum pulsing into me. Then….. all of a sudden…I am semi conscious…feeling…my pussy throbbing and….CUMMING…contracting…my nipples hard…my body feeling as though it is being taken by you….but…I find…that I am waking…from a …dream of you.

I was cumming in my sleep…imagining that I was there with you. It was so real, and satisfying. Almost embarrassed, I closed my eyes quickly and drifted back to sleep.

~ Kitty’s Sex Diaries | Samarel Erotic Art

Middle of the night

Middle of the Night by Femme de Scorpion

A chill in the room
warmth in the bed
smooth satin sheets
two adult bodies
one fiercely masculine
the other decidedly feminine
entwined lovers

His sleep was deep
hers eluded her
moonbeams cast their glow
playing through the window
his hair was tousled
face innocent and relaxed
ever the manchild

Her lips curved upward
she loved him
all of him
unable to refrain
she carefully moved
her form slid under covers
down and down more

His soft cock slumbered
she breathed in
nostrils taking in his scent
lips parted, tongue extended
hot and wet mouth
drawing in his prick
claiming ownership

The flaccid shaft quiet
sleeping on the bed of her tongue
she caressed it lovingly
gentle sucks tugging
rhythmic and steady
slender fingers cradled his balls
palms filled and kneading

Agonizingly slow teases
sucking, lapping, loving
focusing only on giving 
his shaft swelled
pulsing, lengthening
the cockhead bulging
stretching her lips

Each deep pull
hollowing her cheeks
tongue stroking
she hummed sporadically
his cock shivered
up and down her lips moved
riding his cock with her mouth

Seizing and releasing
methodically milking him
digits fondling his full sac
saliva covered cock
slippery gliding lips
hair thrashing his thighs
merciless suctions

His hips awoke
buttocks flexing
lurching upward
fucking her face
groaning loudly
deep pushes into her throat
powerfully hard pumps

Muscles constricting
hugging the head of his cock
tongue lashing the throbbing vein
greedy lips frantically twisting
corkscrewing his meat
drooling and moaning
hungry for his seed

Hard slams up into her mouth
irregular jerks of his pelvis
the rumble of a growl
liquid heat erupting in spurts
intense lunges of hips
mouthfuls of salty cum
swallowing eagerly

His body trembling
her tongue dipping into his slit
scooping up the remains
cream swept into her mouth
slithering up his sweaty body
pressing her flesh to his
a kiss greeting his lips


Samarel erotic art and adult fantasies