Between my thighs

Oral sex erotic art by Samarel
His kiss

upon my lips
circling around my breasts
between my thighs
…… upon my lips

His whisper
upon my neck
nibbling here, there …. everywhere
between my thighs
…… he whispers

His tongue
swirling together… tasting, savoring
tracing my imperfections
my scars, my tattoo…
his tongue
….. between my thighs

Back arched
hands gripping bed rails
moaning…. trying to breathe
still tasting his kiss, his whisper, his tongue

Hands pressed against my thighs
spreading … holding them tightly
going further inside of me
…. bringing me this pleasure

I have only longed for
…. only in my dreams, my desires
this ecstasy

As I come into him, my body goes limp
tingling all over, a slight jerking of my hips
he kisses them softly, whispers come on my skin
tracing my lips again, tingling,
…… he kisses my lips ~

Undying love for poetry | Samarel erotic art

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