Sweet Surrender

Hugging and kissing couple in the sea
Feeling the warmth of your body tangled with mine

As I inhale, and exhale… I breathe you inside me

Lips softly touch, taking time to taste
Your whisper on my neck sends chills over my body
I am warm and safe within your arms

We need not eat, we feed our hunger on each other
Nor thirst for we drink from one another

Laying here within your arms I never tire, I need nothing
Only your heartbeat close to mine
Keeping me alive … giving me the will to live, to survive
Only with you by my side

Take me again, make love to me slowly and gently like you always do.

Look me in the eyes as you move into me, out of me, intense and passionate.

Taste me, allowing me to taste myself on your lips, oh that sweet taste we share.

Giving myself to you, anything and everything you need is wrapped here in your arms baby.

Take me, yes… whisper on my neck as our sweat drips, biting me gently… there, yes…

I surrender to you my love ~

Undying love for poetry | Samarel erotic art

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