A Woman Laid Bare

Bounded woman nude drawing
You took me down
to the dark
that is my soul,
and you shone a light
the shadowed corners
and locked rooms that
I thought no one would
ever see.
You demanded from me
all the fears and
sins and shameful
secrets that I had held
for so long.
And you discovered the
hidden truths of me—
the petty jealousies,
the angry lies,
the carnal pleasures,
and darkest desires.
And as I knelt before you
stripped of all concealment,
all masks, all shields,
I bowed my head and wept
salt tears
waiting for you to
turn away
in horror and
Then you touched my cheek
with a tender hand
and wiped away all traces
of my sorrow
and my heart
In your eyes
I saw acceptance and
compassion and
a love so true
that I couldn’t help
but return it
At that moment
you made me
Your woman

Jolie Cane for Samarel erotic art | www.samarelart.com

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