Summer Storm | Adult Story | Samarel erotic archive

By Sensual Writer

The sea stretched out before me, a silver lake untouchable in its beauty. Wavers were crashing against each other stirring up white foam, its fury creating passion. Stepping out onto the porch, I was swept away at the sight. My bare feet were itching to feel the sand again. Dark clouds hung on the horizon as the wind picked up, the huge cumulus clouds blocking the light. I stood there while the weather changed before my eyes, whipping the ocean into a frothy, swirling mass of incredible power and beauty. Lightning slashed across the sky, and thunder followed on its tail, jolting me as it clapped above my head.

“We’re in for a storm,” I yelled over my shoulder, “Come and see.” I stood rooted to the spot, as my dress blew around my legs, my hair-blowing wild in the wind. Crossing my arms over my breasts to protect me from a chill I watched the rain pour down onto the roof of the porch. It fell in sheets, filling the gutters to over flowing, causing sheets of water to fall off the eaves. Lightning streaked across the sky as nature whirled around me. I felt his arms slide around my waist, pulling me close into his chest. “Spectacular” he breathed against my neck as water and electricity put on an incredible show.

Erotic couple making passionate love

Seawater, dark and angry slashed against the sand as evening turned into night. We stood there, on our porch in complete awe at the force and strength of Mother Nature swirling around us.

I snuggled deeper into his arms as the feelings of safety and security pervaded my soul, while standing in the midst of the storm. I felt safe, here in his arms, on the front porch while the lights of our house spilled out and around us. I could hear jazz playing softly in the background in between the booms of thunder as the storm moved south. The crackle of logs on the fireplace punctuated the night.

Slowly he turned me to face him, his eyes dancing as we moved in time to the music. “Come with me” he whispered, taking my hand and leading me into the house. Two glasses of wine sat on the table next to the fireplace, as he sat and pulled me down next to him. The soft wool felt cozy and warm against my skin, especially since I was slightly chilled. Handing me a glass he smiled, “To us and this beautiful place” as glasses clinked together.

We sat together, like that, my knees pulled up with my arms wrapped around them, staring into the fire, the heat from our bodies pressed up against each other. Silence, broken by the thunder and rain, we listened to Mother Nature display her glory, while safely snug in our home.

With fingers interlaced, we slowly made love, moving in time to the pulse of nature, while candles glowed across naked skin. It seemed as though the gods had put on a display to inspire the feelings of love and passion. The soft wool against my back, the man I loved between my legs, while the rain and thunder exploded in the night; we came together, in time with natures music.

Silver sea turned to black and white against the dark sky, the moon breaking through the clouds, highlighting the crests of waves. While my heart poured forth, a letting go, and a complete immersion into the power of the night.

~ From Samarel Erotic Art Archives

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