The Punishment by Jolie Cain

Erotic bdsm painting
The Punishment | Jolie Cain ~ Samarel Erotic Art

She lay there, bound, blindfolded, naked. Her arms and legs outstretched to the four corners of the bed. Her mouth filled with the hard rubber of the gag. The loud tick of the clock the only sound. Her ears strained, hoping to catch another sound—the sound of her Master’s footfalls as they approached the bed to release her from this agony of waiting. But there was nothing. Nothing but the slow, steady, monotonous ticking of the clock.

A slight chill in the air as the air conditioner came on puckered her nipples, and she shivered. How long had she been here? How long had she suffered his absence? Minutes? Hours? Such a terrible punishment for such a small infraction. Such a tiny, tiny misdeed. It was unfair. So unfair. Why hadn’t he whipped her instead? Made her sleep on the floor? Anything but this distance. This nothingness. Without him, she was nothing. Part of the nothingness.

Surely he must come soon. Surely. He wouldn’t leave her like this forever. Would he? She tried to imagine what it would be like if he never returned for her. Would she just shrivel into a ball, getting smaller and smaller until she disappeared altogether?

Her head turned. What was that? That noise? Had he returned? Had he decided she had suffered enough? No. No. She had just imagined it. There was nothing.

She squirmed. And the rope he had stretched between her legs rubbed against her clit. She moaned, the sound muffled by the gag. This was not the first time she had moved and felt this oh-so-slight pressure. It was just enough, he had said when he had tied her. Just enough for what, she had asked. He had smiled grimly. You’ll figure it out, he had told her. Consider it part of your punishment. And she had figured it out. It hadn’t taken long. Oh, her master was absolutely diabolical in his punishments. So she had held herself as still as possible. But then she forgot. And she moved. And it rubbed.

Why, oh, why had she been so foolish? She had brought this on herself. It was right that he should make her suffer for what she had done. She was such a bad, bad girl. But sometimes…sometimes she just couldn’t help herself. And Master was forced to punish her. She knew he didn’t like it. It disappointed him when she was bad. And she hated disappointing him. So she tried so hard. So hard. But then…the badness would come out in her again.

Maybe one day, he would get tired of it. Of her. Maybe he was tired of her now. Maybe right now he was out looking for another pet. Another to take her place. One who wasn’t such trouble. She squirmed again in denial of the possibility. And the rope did its job. It rubbed. Oh, it rubbed. She felt a trickle of wetness run down her pussy and onto the sheets.

No, he wouldn’t leave her like this. Not to go find someone else. He punished her to teach her. She knew it. She was just being silly. Her Master loved her. He wouldn’t replace her with someone new. Not without talking. Not without trying harder to make things work. She swallowed the spit that had gathered in her mouth, a small bit escaping and trickling out around the gag to dribble onto the pillow.

She moved her hip, trying to relieve a cramp in her leg and the rope rubbed. Oh, she needed more. The rope was making her need. She raised her hips tentatively, and it rubbed again. Oh, yes. That felt good. She lifted again and again, trying to coax the rope into giving her the release she was beginning to need so badly. But she couldn’t do it. She couldn’t keep the pressure hard enough or steady enough. Just enough, he had said. Just enough to torment but not to satisfy is what he had meant.

She felt a tear trickle from beneath the blindfold to join the spittle that had puddle on the pillow beside her head. She needed her Master now. Oh, how she needed him. A moan. Maybe she should try to get his attention. Surely he was near enough to hear her. She could scream. Even around the gag some noise would escape. Would it bring him to her? And if it did? If he heard? What then? Would he be even angrier that she had not accepted her punishment like a good girl? Oh, but this was agony. She couldn’t remain still and quiet. She had to move. Had to get free.

She began struggling. Harder and harder, tugging on her bonds. But they would not give way. And the rubbing. Oh, God, the rubbing. Still she struggled, until her face turned red and her wrists and ankles felt raw. Finally, she subsided, worn out from the futile attempt. She should have known better. What was she thinking? Her Master would never be careless in his knots.

She took several deep breaths and lay there, the chill breeze from the AC slowly cooling her hot cheeks. And gradually, very, very gradually, her body began to go limp. Her hands relaxed, and her arms, then her legs. All the way up and down her limbs she could feel the tension drain away.

And her mind turned off. Just like a light switch. She felt herself drifting at last. Drifting, drifting. It was like floating on a cloud. Why had she been so worried. This was lovely. So peaceful, so calm. Time passed. Or did it?
And at last. At last. The soft tapping of feet drawing closer and closer to the bedroom where she lay in peaceful lassitude.

“Pet? I’m going to untie you now. Your punishment is over.” Dim, distant, the voice intruded on the serene calm of her thoughts. Then the bonds loosening. “Oh, look what you’ve done to your poor skin. I’ll get something to put on those.”

A pause. Then cooling ointment is soothed on abraded skin. The blindfold is removed, and the gag. Slowly, her eyes blink open to peer into the dimness of the room. And her dear Master’s face. “There now, that wasn’t so bad, was it?” He unties the ropes and caresses and soothes sore flesh.
She shakes her head. No, it hadn’t been bad at all. Not at all. Not really. Not now that he was here.

“Hmm, what is this?” His hand strokes over her aroused clit, red and stiff from the stimulation of the rope. “Hmm, I see my pet couldn’t quite be still. I see you learned the result of too much movement.” He leans down and drops a sweet kiss between her legs. “Is that better?”

She nods her head eagerly, and he laughs. “Do you want more, pet?”

“Yes, please,” her voice a mere whisper.

“Do you think you deserve it?” he questions, and she bites her lip and looks away.

His hand reaches to turn her face back to him. “Come, pet. Do you?”

She just shakes her head in a negative motion.
“No, perhaps not,” he affirms. “But perhaps you have learned the lesson you needed to learn here today. Hmmm? So, perhaps the punishment is over and we won’t need to mention this little incident again?”

He takes her hand in his and places it over his lap, and she feels the press of his erection. “And perhaps you should take care of your Master first. And if you do a very good job, perhaps your Master will take care of his pet.”

She smiles shyly and rises. She kneels before him on the bed as he leans back, propped against the headboard, and watches her. Her hands move eagerly to the belt, which she quickly unfastens. Then the button. Finally the zipper slides down and his cock springs into her hands. Her Master has gone commando!

She smiles again and her hand reaches out to grasp his stiff cock. Her thumb rubs across the head and strokes down, firm but not rough, just how Master likes it. “Use your mouth, pet.”

She leans forward to kiss the slit, and her tongue darts out to taste the bit of cum that oozes out. Then she takes the head into her mouth and sucks. She is pleased when she hears him moan and his hand reaches to entangle itself in her hair. He pulls her. She follows his lead and takes more and more of him into her mouth. Breathing past the gag reflex, she feels his cock hit the back of her throat. He sets a steady rhythm as he begins fucking her mouth, stretching her lips wide. “That’s it, pet. Take all of my cock into that sweet mouth of yours.”

Over and over he pumps himself into her until his hand tightens in her hair and she feels the spurt of his hot cum as it hits her throat. “Oh, yes, pet. You’re such a sweet little girl for Master. Such a good girl.” She thrills at his words. A good girl. Not a bad girl. Good. She smiles.

Then Master directs her to lie down on the bed. His hand moves between her legs. “Open for me, pet.” She obeys eagerly. His fingers circle around her swollen clit, aching even more now than it had before. He explores the folds of her cunt and presses his fingers deep into her tunnel…first one, then a second, then a third. He pumps them into her, finger-fucking her, and she arches her hips into the steady pressure. Harder and faster he pumps. She begins a low keening moan as she feels her orgasm nearing. “Master, may I please cum?” She begs.

“Not quite yet, pet.” His response is blunt.

His fingers pull out of her, and he taps her clit twice. Hard little raps, and she gasps, trying to hold back the orgasm that is about to burst forth. Again he pushes his fingers inside of her, pumping, pumping, pumping, and she tenses, trying to obey, trying not to cum. Until finally he says, “Cum, pet, cum for me now.”

With a loud cry, she erupts, her orgasm squirting from her aching pussy, showering the bedsheets with her cum, until she lies trembling and drained on the bed.

“That’s my sweet, pet.” Master strokes her hair from her face and leans down to drop a tender kiss on her lips. And she smiles, her heart blossoming under his gentle ministrations. The punishment is over, and she has learned a valuable lesson indeed.

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