Insatiable | by Lady Kat

woman touching her pussy with her fingers
Hungry I am, my fingers circling in greed

One is never enough , for me on which to feed

Gasps rape my mouth from one

Shudders take my body as I cum

Not enough to satisfy the depth of my lust

My fingers seek a heated home as they thrust

The second one, I bite my bottom lip as I sigh

Lifting from the bed, as spasms take my thighs

Three; it skips along my skin like blue fire

This burning want just will not expire

Four; Ah, ah..AH..the intensity is almost like pain

Screaming out, tossing my hair as my body becomes insane

Driven still; the fifth one soaks the sheets on which I lay

Mmm, god–from this hot cream I cannot stray

Six, sweet juice squirts from the pressure of my fingertips

Splashing on my thighs, all over me it drips

The seventh one; produces guttural savage moans

Still not sated, my fingers continue to roam

Then, the eighth My body feels raped

fingers thrust

Sounds in gasps

Moans turn to screams

Hips rise

Spilling cream




Eyes flutter into my head

No energy to pursue any more

I curl in the bed

Still an insatiable whore

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