The Perfect Landscape of All ~ Fucking Art by Samarel

Fucking scene closeup art

where does one begin and the other end?? sweet fucking merges the two.
is it the pussy taking the cock or the cock engorging the pussy? 
two forces explode filling each with a molten release..the sweetest..deepest touch..

Your Cunt, My Clit | Adult story by Allison

Eating pussy art

Your Cunt, My Clit…
Adult Story by Allison | Erotic Lesbi Art by Samarel

I had recently purchased an electronic hair removal kit, promises of permanent hair removal. But what they omitted to let you know, that getting to parts that are not so easily accessible, well this kit is a total waste of money. What to do… I need help… and I certainly don’t want my man to help me with this… After all, the reason we make our pussies as pretty as possible is for our men, right?

Wracking my brains, kerri…. mmmm I wonder….

So I invited her over for a glass of wine. We were sitting chatting in the kitchen, I happened to mention that I had bought this kit, and told her of my dilemma, so she casually said, “I will help”

O, ok then, so off to my bedroom, armed with kit, bottle of wine and smokes. By this time, I had way too much to drink, all of a half glass of wine… And im anybodys…. so with a relaxed feeling and a good mood, I asked kerri if she would also like to use this kit. She had in the past mentioned that she got a really bad shaving rash… Yes she was keen to try it out.

Lie on your back, please take off your panties… Giggle…. darn the wine… So kerri lay on her back… Open your legs, the beautician needs to see what I have to do. So kerri, not so shyly opened her legs. J (tart) there, staring at me, was a slightly damp pussy… I wanted to lick it, wanted to suck her clit into my mouth…

‘kerri’, it says on the instructions, that we need the area to be wet before a good contact is made, im just going to wet the area a bit ok?

Ok, whatever you need to do, go ahead…

Was that an invitation? I guess there is only one way to find out… I very gently opened her legs a bit more, I wanted to look at her pussy, wanted to taste it…. Wanted to feel it in my mouth, suck it gently… So I put my head closer to her pussy… I think she had an idea what was going to happen, her juices were flowing freely, I could see her wetness quite clearly, I stuck my tongue out and tasted her juice…., mmmm, tastes good, a small moan from her. She wasn’t complaining, I will try carry on and see how far I can push my luck… I slid my tongue into her hole, feeling the warmth of her pussy around my tongue; she was trembling, her juices oozing… She lifted her butt and pushed her hips into my mouth, she wanted more… I took my tongue out of her, another moan…. ah ha, she wants more, wants me to put my tongue back… I slipped it back inside her, this time pulling her pussy open, so I could get my tongue further inside. Licking her like one would lick a dripping ice cream, with a flat tongue… tasting all the time… her clit was hard, she wanted me to suck it, not yet, we have loads of time… I started sucking her lips into my mouth, she was pushing her hips harder and harder against my mouth…. she wanted me to suck her clit…. so I started to suck, gently at first, her clit was huge, she was so turned on, I sucked more and more…., she was making me so darn horney, I also wanted to be sucked and licked, while I was enjoying her pussy,… I got up and didn’t even ask, I got into a 69 with her, she grabbed my legs and spread them with her head between, well I guess that’s an ok that’s fine with her…

She forced my legs further open, so as to bring my aching pussy closer to her mouth, I could feel her hot breath on my pussy, she wanted to suck me, I wanted to feel her mouth on my now very wet pussy…. I moved my hips closer to her mouth; she lifted her head and slid her tongue straight into my pussy… Holy crap, now that feels good… She used her mouth and tongue like a pro, I was aching for more, she sucked my clit and slid her tongue into my pussy at the same time, she kept moving her tongue and keeping pressure on my clit, gawd this was awesome, she kept me on the brink of a mother of an orgasm for ages, she could sense when I wanted to cum, and changed her rhythm, just pushing me back for a little while longer… Working my pussy and waiting…., sucking and licking….

By this time, kerri was very wet, I could feel she was enjoying what she was doing to me, and being done to her, just as I was. We were both enjoying each others tongues and lips on our aching pussies, I could feel the build up of a very intense orgasm, this time, she carried on doing what she was doing, not changing the rhythm at all, she wanted me to cum, I could feel her thighs beginning to tremble, she grabbed my arse and pulled my pussy deeper into her mouth, I in turn wanted to bury my face in her juicy cunt… We were both cumming, desperately sucking and licking while the waves and waves of orgasm took over our bodies…. I collapsed on top of her, I didn’t move, I still had my mouth over her pussy, feeling the last waves fading away, she kept my clit in her mouth, not sucking, knowing how sensitive it can be after an orgasm. Just holding it there, a good feeling….

Oh yes, the hair removal thingy… Well I guess another day…

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