Supper’s ready….


 I know you’re there
in the shadows
So I perform my
dance of disrobing…
for your pleasure.

Shrug off the blouse
let it drop…
to the floor-a dark puddle
at my feet.

I feel your eyes on my
body.  My nipples…
My breathing quickens.

My hands move to caress my stomach
travel down, beneath
the edge of my skirt.
As my hands move lower…lower
the skirt moves with it and
my panties…

The air…
          trembles.  Shadows…
move.  A ripple.
Then stillness again.

Closing my eyes I raise my hands
above my head…
And turn slowly…slowly…
around so you can
see each curve each

See me.  See me…my body whispers to you.
Does your pulse race?
             Does your body harden?
                                          Does it?  Does it?

Jolie Cain | Samarel erotic art

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