I love the way you taste ► Jolie Cain poetry |Samarel erotic art



I love the way you smell
after we’ve made love.
The sweat, the musk, the sweet, 
sweet scent of satisfaction.
I want to sink into you.
To gobble you up.
To be as necessary for you 
as the air you breathe,
The food you eat.
To become a part of you…
so close to you that you can’t tell 
where you stop and I start.
Am I obsessed with you?
You know what else?
I love the way you taste.


Give Me

Give me no pale, vapid love
barely remembered
at break of day.
No distracted kisses,
dry and dearth of desire.
I don’t want your
love by rote and rule-
stroke here, thrust there.
Roll over and play dead.
No! Show me your need.
that claws and screams
Kisses that bite and sting.
Let me feel a grinding
pounding passion pushed to
the brink and beyond.
Turn me over. Tie me down.
Hurt me. Tease me.
Tempt and try me.
Want me. Crave me
Past reason. Past thought.
Give me

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