May I have your ME?


Dear friends and bloggers.
I am inviting you to a new social network I am the editor/designer of !
This is the ME venture, and this is my page above…

The ME venture is a social network that is based on the life stories of people from every class, every religion, every business, and every place. Everyone is welcome.

The Mini ME is a brief introduction with a person, and a synopsis of the ME. The Mini ME comprises ten questions, the answers to which give readers an immediate glimpse into the life chapters of the writer, from birth  to the present.

How to write the Mini ME

Answer these 10 questions.
(It is mandatory to write at least 125 words in each response.)

1.Summarize your childhood
2.Summarize your family
3.What are your hobbies
4.What do you regret in life
5.What scares you in life
6.Write about a dream you have achieved
7.White about a painful separation you have gone through
8.What gives you happiness
9.What do you think is your purpose in life
10.What is your career. Is it really what you wanted to do in life?

Everyone of you is the publisher of his/her own life, and you can earn
money from the content you put online.

The Mini ME will be free to anyone.
The ME will be sold for payment.

So, May I have you me?
Email me at:


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