Princess Fiona flying On A Jet Plane – Part 2 | by Allison

Erotica by Samarel

Jet, trying to regain his composure in my passenger seat, jeans by his knees, his body resembling a sack of potatoes… totally fucked… in the physical sense…

A knock at the driver’s window, my buddies, wanting to go home… mmmm….

‘Hey Fiona, what u guys up to?’ oh Jet and I were just busy chatting, come, hop in, lets go home for coffee. ‘Jet, u coming?’ ‘Uh… yeah, coffee would be good’ a nervous expression flashed across his face, I smiled at him and wiped the corner of my mouth…. I heard a soft ‘oh god’ from him as he turned his head and looked out the window. The girls piled into the back seat, 3 of them, chatting, noisy and a little bit pissed. Their perfume mingling in the car, I could see Jet move in his seat, he was uncomfortable, maybe nervous? He should be…..

‘Wow it was hot in there; this car is even warmer….’ Giggles from the back seat… I knew what was coming, quiet whispers, more giggles…. And then one by one, items of clothing were tossed into the front seat, tops and t-shirts, bras, jeans and g-strings…. Laughter, ‘Hey Jet, have you met my friends?’ He was now speechless but managed a grunt.

One of them leaned into the front seat, grabbed his head and kissed him, at the same time sliding into the front landing herself on his lap. Warm body, soft smooth skin and boobs, long dark hair and massive blue eyes…. Smiling up at him, he had no choice but to hold her, cuddle her. He could feel her warm butt on his bare lap… his cock immediately interested. She wrapped her arms around his neck, her boobs on his chest; he could feel her nipples hard against his skin… I just carried on driving like this was quite normal… giggling in the back seat….

I flipped Jets visor so he could see the back seat… the two in the back… lindi was holding mandys huge tits in her hands, they were both sitting on their knees, lifting their bodies higher in the car. Lindi was sliding her tongue around mandys nipples, sucking them into her mouth, making them harder, squeezing the other gently, rolling her nipple between her fingers. Jet looking in the visor mirror, couldn’t see their faces, but had a full view of a sensual mouth gently sucking the nicest pair of tits he had ever seen…. Gawd what a turn on… these chicks are….. such good friends…..? Julia, on his lap, was grinding her but into his cock, he wanted to fuck her there and then, but somehow, he kinda knew it wasn’t going to happen too soon.

We eventually arrived at home, parked in the driveway, nobody was making any move to get out the car, it was nice and warm, and I didn’t want to break the spell, so I just sat and watched for a while…. I dug under the seat and found a bottle of shooters, taking a swig and passing it around.

Anyone for a line? Well that perked a bit of interest, so I cut 5 on the dash and left them there. Jet was enjoying the view in the back seat, the hot little arse grinding into his lap. I wanted to get him even hotter. Julie had one leg on the dash, and the other along the back of my seat. Her little pussy just begging to be sucked. Jet was rubbing her clit with one hand and had her boob in his other. I put my hand over his, guiding his fingers on her pussy, touching spots that only a woman knows how to find…. Her breathing getting quicker… I bent over and licked his fingers, sucked them into my mouth… I tilted my head so he could watch….. feel….. I licked her pussy, she automatically lifted her hips towards my mouth. He couldn’t take his eyes off what I was doing, licking her little pussy, sucking her pussy lips into my mouth… I took his hand and slid his fingers inside her, she was wet, very wet. I wanted him to feel her… slippery, dripping for more…. I carried on sucking, licking and tasting her…. I sat up and kissed Jet, let him taste her on my lips…. The man was horny, his cock must have been throbbing under Julies butt… he kissed me deeply, his tongue exploring every part of my mouth.

By this time I had also lost my clothing. Julie repositioned herself on Jetts lap, sliding his cock deep inside her, she let out a moan as she felt his thick dick push into her very wet pussy. She turned to me, she wanted to kiss. We kissed like only girls know how to do, softly gently, nibbling and tasting. Our lips were inches away from Jetts face, he was watching, not blinking, total fascination…. I could feel the way she kissed me that he was throbbing inside her, her breath on my face getting deeper,,,, the more he watched us kissing the more he just wanted to fuck her, deeper and deeper… he moved his hips, pushing his pelvis harder and harder against her very wet cunt… she sliding her tongue deeper and deeper into my mouth….

Jet slid his hand down my stomach, his fingers finding my pussy, I was horny, my cunt aching to feel a thick cock sliding in and out, feel those spots being stimulated, hear, feel and smell sex… his fingers deeper and deeper inside me, rubbing my clit, another set of hands on my breasts, rubbing my nipples…. Wow this felt good, Jetts fingers on my clit, his fingers sliding in and out of my wet pussy, Julie kissing me, Jett watching us, slamming his cock into her, I could feel she was about to cum…. She rode that cock, flung her head back, in… out… faster… faster…. ‘fuck me,,, fuck me….. harder harder…. Yes… yessssss!!!!!! Aaaaffffuuucccckkkkk…….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Well I guess she came… Jet was moving his hips slowly now, he wanted more, was taking a breather, Julie had collapsed on his lap, his dick still deep inside her…. Relaxed, just feeling the warmth of his body against her breasts…. The smell of his body,,,, the smell of a man… mmmmmm…. The girls in the back seat, were chatting, totally disinterested as to what was happening in the front, sipping shooters and telling jokes about nun in a forest, they were pissing themselves laughing. The funny thing was, it wasn’t even funny…. I guess it was the combination of coke and alcohol, makes you feel like you have just graduated from the comedian section of rocket scientology.

Juls slid off jetts lap, crawled over to the back seat, grabbed the bottle of shooters, took a swig and joined in the conversation as tho nothing had happened. Jet was sitting there with a hard on of note, his cock hard, wanting attention, wanting to fuck….. We were in the cabriolet, a new little toy I had picked up the previous week, I pressed the roof button, and the whole lid slipped into the boot. It was an awesome summer evening, the sky was clear, and the moon was out in full force. Jet had his cock in his hand, rubbing himself up and down, not wanting to cum, but not wanting to go soft…. I left him like that for a while, letting him play with himself, just watching his face, looking into those gorgeous eyes…. Interest from the back seat, mandy…. ‘wow lindi, that thing has your name on it, look…’ squeals of laughter, something about a rocket, nasa, blab la,,,,, more laughter, this time Jett climbed over the seat, swapped spots with Julie, sat on the back sill of where the roof slid into the boot.

All of a sudden his cock was at eye level of 2 hungry mouths, they didn’t need any encouragement, Mandy sucked Jetts dick into her mouth, lindi was licking his balls, Julie and I were graduating from the comedian section of rocket scientology. We left him to have his fill, watching him every now and again, he was holding back, enjoying the stars J watching, feeling and experiencing…. Mandy was sucking his dick, sliding it deep down her throat, she was the master of blow jobs, she could suck cock, squeezing, licking, swapping with lindi. Lindi was an expert licker, she was licking the end of his cock, teasing, tasting his precum…. Mandy licking his balls…. He was getting close, his hips were pumping, lindi licking his cock sliding it into her mouth, in out, in out……

Jett looked at me, stared into my eyes, no expression, just watching me…. his body starting to tense, even I could feel his orgasm building, from deep down, a long slow moan starting from the pit of his stomach, he shut his eyes and came, and came and came…… lindi and Mandy were licking him while he was cumming, there was cum everywhere, over lindi’s face, on mandys lips…. Everywhere… they licked him clean while he watched, gently gently…. Wiped off their faces, and both at the same time rubbed their finger from the corner of their mouth along their bottom lip and we all packed up laughing…

Princess Fiona flying On A Jet Plane – part 1 | by Allison

Fantasies… a girls best friend…
did I ever tell you about the time princess Fiona flew on a Jet plane?

We were having a party at my house, well not really a party, just a few chix sitting around, being chix…. Chatting, drinking and a couple of grams of coke…. The more lines we had, the worse the conversation got. In the gutter, not to be salvaged too easily. They say guys are bad…. If only they knew. We were sitting around chatting about our fantasies, telling stories, sharing experiences, laughing, getting more and more high…. The coke taking away all inhibitions, allowing the imagination to run rampant….

‘Fiona, your turn… tell us a story’….

I know he wants me…. badly, but just cant get it right… he’s tried on a number of occasions, I keep stopping him. I know he must be thinking he’s loosing his touch. He’s had more than his fair share, it’s always been easy for him, he has a reputation in Jo’burg, Cape town too… Most the time he doesn’t even have to try, I’ve seen him in action, the casual way he presents himself, oozing confidence in a ‘take care of me’ kinda way… but the ladies seem to like the happy go lucky clumsy way he conducts himself. Green eyes, sandy colored hair, average build and so fucking sexy… knows how to move that body on the dance floor. Great sense of humor, the target of any girls desires, but mine?….

I’ve known him for a while, watched him, fantasized about him, we had a brief… encounter….? But it was moving way too fast. I got the feeling I was just going to be a one night fuck…. Maybe I was, we do live in different cities…. Maybe having him just for one night would be better than never having him at all?

It was the night before I was due to go back to cape town, leaving at 10am the next morning, a bunch of friends and I decided to go out, have some fun…. We landed up at a club not too far from my place, we had been there before, that’s where I first met Jet…. Maybe I was hoping to see him again? We arrived late, the place was pumping as usual, hot young bodies, short skirts, small tops, the girls showing their bodies, flirting, using body language…. The guys watching, hoping… and then I saw him, propping up the bar with his casual fuck you attitude… he too, watching the bodies, the curves of their tits, the way their bodies moved with the music…. I could see he was watching one chick in particular… she was beautiful, long blond hair, blue eyes…. Nondescript, like all the other blond bimbos’ pretty, but no mystery, little girls… that’s what they are…. Little girls. I need to attract his attention…. Make him look at me, make him want me…

I ordered a dom pedro, nice thick ice cream, cold…. Very cold… asked for cherries and a chocolate flake…. Sat about 4 meters away from him, facing him, but not looking at him. Told my friends to leave me alone… Sitting with my ice cream in front of me, thin white t-shirt, a little too tight. Nice and warm inside the club….. I could feel his eyes on me… he hesitated coming over, good, I didn’t want his company, I wanted him to watch, I wanted him to want…. I took the flake, and slowly slid it into the dom pedro, the ice cream coating the chocolate…. Slowly taking it out, tilting my head back and sliding the choc into my mouth…. A little of the ice cream dripped onto my chest, I could feel it running down my cleavage… I let it… I sucked the cream off the flake, slowly taking it out my mouth. I caught the ice cream on my finger, not before it had made my nipples really hard, showing thru my t-shirt….. put my finger into my mouth, and closed my lips on it… sucking my fingers one at a time….

I looked at him, he was staring at me, not blinking…. I had a captive audience…. Just how I wanted him… a friend of his had joined him, watching me…. all the better, I like being watched…. I carried on eating the ice cream with the flake, I could see them getting uncomfortable, their bodies taking over, hormones racing…. Yes…. Carry on watching boys… mmmmmm…. The cherries, nice long stalks, carefully chosen… popped one into my mouth, holding onto the stalk, sucking the cherry off and eating it slowly…. Staring into his eyes… I got up and walked in his direction, I could see his breathing getting quicker…. I didn’t smile at him, he was confused, was I teasing him, coming on to him? He just stood and stared….. I stopped within inches of him, our eyes locked onto one another…. I put the cherry stalk into my mouth, and within seconds, had tied it in a knot in my mouth…. I pushed my tongue out with the knotted cherry stalk out so he could see… he looked at my tongue…. Back at me… I never said a word to him, I turned and walked out…. Did he want me enough to follow? I could hear his footsteps behind me…. I had a smile on my face as I walked towards my car… still not saying a word to him…. I got into the driver side, and pushed the passenger door open… he got in. I could see he was nervous, little did he know so was I, but I wasn’t going to show it… tonight I was going to have my way with him… use him… tomorrow I go home.

He sat in the passenger seat, his hands in his lap, he didn’t know what to make of the situation, didn’t move a muscle, didn’t say a word…. Just how I wanted him…. I turned towards him, I could see he was trying to think of something to say, I put my finger on his lips…. One less pressure for him… still watching him, making him feel uneasy, I ran my hand up his thigh, I could feel his muscles tense under my touch… I went straight for his zip, had him unbuttoned and unzipped in a flash, again he tried to say something, move his hips away from me, I rested my hand on his leg, relaxing him…. He made a move towards me, I put my hand onto his chest, sliding my hand up underneath his t-shirt…. Gawd he felt good, his chest, his breathing…. Faster and deeper…. Ran my hand down his chest into his jeans… closed my hand around his cock… that was growing… fast…. Gently squeezed, he’s a nice size… I wanted to ride that cock, but not yet…. Had to get him really interested first…..

I bent over his already hard cock. I could see he was wet…. The light in the parking lot was enough to see, and also enough to hide. I rubbed my thumb over the top of his cock, feeling the wet slipperiness of his pre-cum, I tasted him, mmmm good, my pussy getting just as wet as him… I could feel my juices on my knickers… wanting him…. His cock just inches from my mouth.. I was waiting for his hips to start moving, I want him to want it… relax and feel good… my hand rubbing gently up and down his shaft, he started moaning, his hips started moving…. I slipped the tip of his dick into my mouth, running the tip of my tongue underneath the ridge of his cock… another groan, opened my mouth even further and sucked his cock far down into my throat… he felt good…. Sucking gently, putting a bit more pressure onto his cock, sliding it in and out of my mouth….. holding his balls in my hand, hot and throbbing…. My pussy wet, ready to ride him… aching to feel that throbbing cock inside me. he was getting there fast, couldn’t allow him to cum just yet, I slowed down, took him out my mouth, licked his shaft from base to tip… tasting him….

Thank heavens for skirts, skirts with no knickers…. I reclined his seat a bit, turned towards him and flipped my leg over his lap. I was sitting on top of him facing him. Staring at him… his eyes were open, I could see the anticipation in his eyes when he looked at me….. I moved my hips and held his dick in my hand, leaned forward and as I kissed him deep, I slid his throbbing dick into my very wet pussy at the same time….. slowly moving up and down, kissing him, clenching my muscles…. I could feel his temperature rising, I could feel his leg muscles tightening,,,, this man is going to explode soon…. I had a small bottle of poppers in my hand…. He couldn’t see it, I took the lid off and put my thumb over the opening… his hips started moving faster and faster, I let him take over the pace, his hands on my tits, squeezing my nipples, sucking and licking…. His body started to tremble, as he started to cum, I put the poppers under his nose, he didn’t know what I was doing, but breathed anyway, I took a sniff myself…. I could see the poppers working, instant rush, coupled with an orgasm…. His head on my chest, holding me, he came in waves…. I could hear his orgasm deep inside him, groaning….. my pussy throbbing, Cumming at the same time with the adrenaline rush of the poppers…. His body instantly relaxed. His head resting on the back of the seat…. Holy fuck…. Was all he said….

And that’s how to ride a Jet… Plane…