As I lay in bed thinking of making love with you….


As I lay in bed thinking of making love with you, I start to caress my skin with my hands. I can feel how your touch will be. As my fingers feel my nipples, they slowly become hard. I lift my breast to my mouth, imagining it is you licking and sucking gently on the nipple instead of me. I can feel myself getting wet and I slowly dip my fingers into the soft wetness of my pussy. The thought of your hardness inside of me makes me orgasm instantly and Ibring the wetness tomy mouth to suck the juices from my fingers. The taste is so sweet and I dip my fingers inside for more. I rub the juice all around my nipple and proceed to suck it off, imagining that I have your hardness in my mouth and I can taste the two of us mingled together. I find myself breathing faster and moaning soft moans as I imagine the feel of you on top of meeting skin…needs being met. I can feel my fingernails as they dig into your back and we kiss deeply. I am sucking on your mouth in total ecstacy at the taste of you. My hips are moving to meet your every thrust and I become as one with you. Oh, you feel so good. I am cumming with the thought of how wonderfully you make love and your wish is my every command. I want all of you…your sweet, gentle, loving soul. Your heart, your mouth, your touch, your hands on me,looking into your eyes, watching you laugh, watching you work, becoming one with you in more ways than just the flesh. Knowing that you have so much to give and that you want me as badly as I want you keeps me in tune with your mind and body. You are amazing and I find myself loving you more all of the time. Come to me lover, if only in my dreams….

By GreeEyes for Samarel Art

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