Blindfolded-poetryBlindfolded by SpiderBites
Art Samarel

candles lit
bra and panties
door unlocked
laying on the bed
will you come
or not
in my darkness
and the silence
heart beating loudly
my breathing echoes
waiting feels like eternity
cars drive by
then one stops
my heartbeat thunders
my mouth is dry
footsteps on my stairs
breathing ceases
the door opens
I cannot move
you step inside
I twitch
your hand touches
along my hip
over my ass
I feel
your hands
your breath
your tongue
I’m in a dream
I am mute
I can smell your skin
I want to taste you
is it allowed
I cannot ask
I feel everything
in those moments
I am everything
your voice
I’ll never forget
the feeling of you inside me
I’ll never forget
I have been changed
then in the silence
you are down the stairs
my body yells
don’t go
but time was calling you
I’ll be waiting…….

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