Making love against the wall

Erotic image by Samarel

Hello poets..
This is an open invitation for you to
write your poetry to this art



20 thoughts on “Making love against the wall

  1. Power’s out again
    Sultry heat’s unbearable
    Amber hues of dusk
    Penetrate the cobalt blues
    Making love against the wall

    Energy renewed
    Hold your wrist behind your back
    Buck, but I can feel
    Your violet desire
    Making love against the wall

    Surging in from me to you
    Iridescent lust
    Quenching the most primal needs
    Making love against the wall

    It’s about control
    And about surrendering
    Let the colors blend
    As our bodies merge fiercely
    Making love against the wall

  2. Take me hard against the wall
    Grab a fist of my hair in your strong hands
    Hold my arm tightly behind my back
    Give me every inch
    Of your rock hard Cock
    Don’t be gentle
    Fuck me like you don’t know me
    Like I don’t even matter to you
    Allow your pleasure to spill over
    Down my thighs
    Your pleasure is my pleasure
    To serve you
    My king

  3. midnight casts an azure
    glow across a silent room
    sweetness turns to flame
    and passion starts to bloom
    responding to this gentle rage
    answering the beastly call
    you spin me round; holding tight
    and take me against the wall

  4. undress, and turn your back against the wall
    i find it here tighter, ‘though it’s a gaping hole
    like a muscle of the arm that you can control
    the entry of a barrel that came from the south pole

    two souls have left for a short high time
    two bodies have become one, dogging have been mimed
    sweat have mixed, greasing all over the skin
    friction became hotter, concentration did spin

    the burst of the lava was the extreme finality
    every exit of the aahhhs, the oohhhs for the re-entry
    the final embrace, the final total strikes
    there’s no miss and there’s no spikes!

    that’s it…….

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