Bounded Blues – call for poetry #2


(by clicking on the image you will be taken to my bdsm art gallery…wait before you click, and read below:)

Hello poetic friends, and poets
Let;s have you sexy, sensual words – for THIS piece i made for you?
Spill them words around here….

13 thoughts on “Bounded Blues – call for poetry #2

  1. I feel so exposed
    You tell me it’s ok
    My ass at your pleasure
    Because nothing’s going to happen without my say

    I take a deep breath
    And try to relax
    I want this
    I know I do

    Cool chains against my body
    Remind me that I’m yours for the night
    Restraints on my ankles
    Feeling kind of tight

    What’s to come next Sir
    Your wish is my desire
    As I lay here still and quiet on your bed
    My heart beats for what’s ahead
    I desire your strokes of punishment

    But for me Sir
    I long to pleasure you always
    To your heart’s content

  2. i don’t need those chains
    and exchange my lust for gains
    to swim the salty water
    without acting like a pauper

    the perpendicular line
    that divides the east from west
    the lake in the center
    is the best place to rest

    those cold iron chains
    was also heated before
    it was bended while hot
    as the hammer struck and score

    those chains are rubbing your skin
    ’till heat is felt and agree to sin
    your spirit will fly but to return again
    to enjoy once more the plucking of the grain

    with chains or without
    you, lady will bleed in white
    with a foot long spout
    ready for pounding and a bite


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