The art of, oh well – suck ~ ! ~ by Samarel and GreenEyes

The Art of Suck
Erotic fantasy by Samarel and GreenEyes


I imagine the tip of my tongue licking all around the tip, just
to feel the texture of the velvety skin against my tongue.


As I suck you and roll my tongue all around the shaft,
my long fingers gently massage your beautiful balls.
I will suck each ball into my mouth, rolling them around
while my tongue flicks over them.
By now, I know I can take my tongue and dip it into
the “eye” of your cock and taste that pre-cum that is
waiting for me to suck up.


I will tease and flick the head of your cock, then suck you
with just the head in it, working that rim with my lips and
then sucking you deeper into my mouth.


In and out applying more pressure with my lips and starting
slow then increasing the speed with which my mouth works
your shaft. Oh, hun…I am so ready for you now…


My pussy is dripping with the thought of how you feel in my
mouth. Your skin is so lovely and feels like heaven sliding
against my tongue. I’m beginning to taste the sweetness of
your cum and I can tell you are close to exploding.


I am stopping…looking at your eyes as they are closed in
ecstasy. I suck your balls into my mouth, once again. I can
tell you are so close to cumming and I am not ready for you
to do that yet. I run my tongue up your stomach and to your


I lick your nipples until they stand at attention. I move to
your mouth, running my tongue along your lips and then
kiss you deeply, thrusting my tongue inside of your mouth.
Can you taste yourself from my mouth? You suck my
tongue in deep and I kiss you hard.


I first run my tongue up your lovely cock and then suck the
head of your cock into my mouth. I move my mouth quickly
up and down your shaft with my lips closed tightly around
you. Yes, I feel it. The cum is starting.


I suck you and swallow as you explode in my mouth. I make
sure that none of your yummy juice escapes and when you
are finished, I lick you clean.
Rest, my love…it will be your turn to pleasure me.


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