Twice as nice ! Adult story

Twice As Nice | By Candy Calling
Arterotica by Samarel
I walked from my car a little distracted, carrying in my daily mail and muttering under my breath. Valentine’s Day! I laughed out loud, thinking of how Christopher and I had just called it quits after being together for two years. Two whole years and he decides he wants to see other people! Walking through the door of the apartment we shared together, the silence was deafening…..I was totally caught up in memories and tears, when the phone rang and brought me back to reality.

It was Mandy, calling from Miller’s Jewelry & More Store, where she worked with her twin sister Brandy, two of my best friends in the whole world. From grade school to high school……even in college where we were cheerleaders and major drama queens. I sighed slightly as Mandy drolled on and on about how busy they were at the store, how two of the workers had gotten ill and left for the day………..and it being Valentine’s Day and all…………she was practically begging me to drop by and help out for a few hours.

Now, seeing a bunch of love sick guys picking out jewelry for their significant others was not what I wanted to do in the least…….but I loved the girls more than anything, and knew I couldn’t let them down. “I’ll be there in less than an hour.” I told her, and hung up the phone. I hurried around the lonely apartment to the bathroom and grabbed a quick shower. Clad in only a white, fluffy towel, I stood in front of the bathroom full length mirror and applied my make-up. I thought about all the times Christopher and I had shared the same mirror and fought back the tears. I finished off my make-up with some sweet berry lipstick and curled my long brown hair till it hung in layers around my face and down my back.

I slipped into a blue, lacy bra and matching thong. Then into a low cut black sweater top that zipped up the front. I finished off the ensemble with a short denim skirt and black knee high boots. Before heading out the door, I sprayed some of my favorite perfume on my neck and wrists and some powder spray on my undies, just over my freshly shaven kitty. I mustered up the best smile I could in front of the mirror and said, “to hell with Christopher!” as I walked out the door.

I pulled into the busy parking lot of Miller’s Jewelry store and stepped out of my blue Mazda 626, grabbing my purse as I shut the door behind me. I passed by a couple of guys in work shirts and jeans hanging around outside the store and put an little extra swing in my walk and tossed my hair playfully over my shoulder, reading their name tags as I passed them..the blonde, muscular on was named Ricky, and the smaller, sweeter looking one was called Roger….I wasloving the looks on their faces as I passed by and stuck my nose up in the air…totally dissing them.

I could hear Mandy and Brandy chattering as soon as I walked through the doors. “There she is!” they shrieked, slipping from behind the counter and running and greeting me with a double hug. I smiled at the two, wondering how on earth they were still single…..beautiful, blonde, and busty….in matching red, extra low cut sequinned dresses and spiked heels. Their perfume was heavenly and I guess you could say I was the “black sheep” of the bunch, but I sure gave them a run for their money…..although not blonde, I was just as striking…and we were never short of guys that would follow us all around like homesick puppies.

They giggled as they pulled me behind the counter and put me directly to work. The store was crowded with guys of all shapes and sizes, wanting flowers, candy, , perfume, and lingerie for that special someone. A rather dashing young gentleman made his way to the counter, his dark hair and hazel eyes incredibly striking. He wore a simple white dress shirt and black jacket with pants to match, and yet he looked incredibly sophisticated and sexy. I bit my bottom lip as he leaned on the counter directly in front of me.

I leaned forward a little, “Is there anything I can help you with, sir?” I asked, in the sweetest tone I could muster. He smiled up at me, as his cologne wrapped around my senses like a glove. “Yes” he replied, “as a matter of fact, you can…..and the name is Denny.”

“Well, Denny” I purposely drew it out…..the twins giggling behind me…..”Do you see anything you like?” He looked up at the twins, down at my excessive cleavage, and then deep into my eyes……”I see quite a few things I like!” he said with a smirk. Mandy was behind me, pushing me ever closer to him as he pointed to a necklace in the display case…..”May I please see that one,” he asked……I smiled and unlocked the display case and leaned down to retrieve the item…….gathering quite a few glances from several guys now gathered around the counter.

I began to feel a little self conscious and yet a little sexy at the same time…..and totally enchanted as I reached Denny the necklace……he laid it on the table and examined it carefully, motioning for me to get on eye level with him…..and I was so close that I could feel his breath on my cheek…..and when his hand playfully went from the necklace to the top of my sweater, I quickly pulled away…..I mean, sure he was cute and all, but who did he think he was…..I turned to Mandy and asked her to take over as I ventured out from behind the counter and down the center aisles.

The holiday had definately brought out quite a crowd….what I didn’t understand was why any guy would wait until the last minute to buy a gift for his girl….I mean, if he REALLY loved her….I was kind of off in my own little world when I inadvertantly bumped into some guy shopping for flowers……a real loser….cheap suit, balding, kind of short..not attractive at all….”excuse me, sir,” I said politely…trying to avoid any further conversation….turning to walk away……”But could you help me miss?” he asked…..and I turned to see his meager smile…”Sure, what do you want?” I asked……as his eyes searched up and down my body….”Well, you see, I have this back injury….had it for years….and I can’t bend over….and I accidentally dropped my wallet…..could you pick it up for me?” …..I spotted his wallet on the floor to the right and went quickly to pick it up, bending forward for only an instant……but unmistakenly feeling his hand on my ass, grasping firmly….I stood, threw the wallet in his face and stormed off……man was I ticked off……

I headed back to the front of the store, where Mandy and Brandy were still “Helping” Denny with his jewelry indecision….red faced and fuming mad……passing by the two jerks that I had teased out front as they made their way into the store……I was behind the counter by this time and caught glimpse of the two as they winked at Denny across the room and slyly locked the door behind them…….the sign now reading “Closed”…..

I was thinking to myself that there was no way the store could be closed, that there were atleast eight or more guys in the store, including Denny, the bald guy, Roger and Ricky, from outside, and if I was seeing correctly, I even spotted Mr. Simon….the college football coach lingering in the lingerie department.

I nudged Mandy and Brandy and got their attention momentarily, trying to let them know something was up…….they looked a bit confused and as Denny made his way behind our counter…….Roger and Ricky followed close behind…..The girls were totally confused by now as Denny grabbed Mandy by her long blonde hair and forced her forward across the counter….”What’s with the fucking service in this store anyway?” he yelled in Mandy’s ear…grinding his groin into her ass… Brandy and I started to rush to her aid…..Ricky and Roger quickly grabbed our wrists and forced our hands behind our backs…..and we stood helpless as Denny laughed……”Now, what do we have here?” he asked aloud, pulling Brandy to himself and forcing her across the counter beside her sister..

“Double trouble is what we have here boys!” he smirked aloud as he reached around the girls and bounced their robust tits up and down, then smacking them hard across the ass… now the ugly bald guy had made his way to the front, looking at me with dirty grin, rubbing the bulge in the front of his pants…..I was beginning to get a little sick to my stomach as I was pushed across the counter as well….all three of us side by side.

Denny walked behind each of us, pacing in an authoritative manner……lifting each of our skirts and dresses as he passed…..our asses sticking out for anyone to see……with baldy jerking away in front of us……

“I am totally dissatisfied with the service I received here today girls!” Denny belted out…..grinding into Brandy’s ass with his enormous bulge and grabbing mine and Mandy’s hair on either side of Brandy…..jerking our heads backwards…..”Stupid bitches can’t do anything right! Guess it’s time my friends and I taught you a little something about servicing your customer!”

Roger and Ricky laughed out loud

as Denny pulled me and Mandy down to our knees in front of him…”Now, bitches…..get my dick in your mouths!” Mandy and I just looked at each other in disbelief as Denny ran a free hand along Brandy’s ass and inside her thong, pulling it to the side, revealing her little bare pussy…….pinching it hard…….Brandy cried out as Denny reached down with his free hand and pulled out his thick, long cock…….”You cunts better fucking get it in your mouths now……or you get it in the ass later!!!” he yells at Mandy and me again…while Roger and Ricky push us forward towards him……within seconds, his pulsating dick is in my mouth and he is thrusting away…..finger fucking Brandy at the same time……..pulling out of my mouth and slamming deep into Manday’s……switching back and forth between us until we are choking on him…..tears and make-up running down our faces.

By this time, all the commotion up front had brought everyone to attention……even Mr. Simon, the college football coach…..he stood wide-eyed in front of the counter and baldy cheered Denny on….saying…..”Fuck the dirty bitches!”….”You know, Denny chirped…….not a bad idea man!” And he forced all three of us down on our hands and knees…..asses presenting…..just “waiting” for him like bitches in heat…..He knelt behind us, ripping our thongs from us, one at a time……and then ordering us to “Get our big titties out!” Each did as told….and one by one, Denny teased our bare pussies until we were squirming and arching our backs to meet him…..”Now THAT’S How you service a customer ladies!” he laughed out loud…..grabbing Brandy’s hips and slamming deep inside her……her moans ringing out through the store….and just as she was about to reach orgasm……Ricky was there to drown out her screams with his cock down her throat….

Denny pulled his wet, dripping cock from Brandy’s pussy and then slammed into Mandy’s……Roger meeting each thrust with his cock in her pretty mouth…fucking her face while Denny punished her tight little pussy…..”Now this is service ladies!” he groaned out……twin pussies for my hard dick!… that’s selection! he laughed, pulling his sloppy, wet dick from Mandy’s bare pussy…..leaving the twins to Roger and Ricky……who quickly got into position to take their turns at the courtesy counter pussy……moaning as they slipped inside the twins, pounding away with their big tits bouncing in rhythm…..

Denny met the two once more…….smacking their faces with his messy dick……forcing it into their mouths between moans…….until his super erect dick was all shiny and clean once more……then pushing my face to the floor, he readied himself behind me……..”Now let’s check out a little diversity!” he laughed again…teasing my clit with the tip of his cock till I was practically begging him to fuck me…..arching my back as he plunged deep inside me…….shoving one of the twins panties deep into my mouth and calling to Coach Simon for back-up……Coach was behind the counter in seconds with his dick dangling only inches from my lips……”You know, I always fantasized about fucking you three in the locker room..” he smiled at me, pulling the gag from my mouth….tracing my lips with his dick… Dean’s thrusts forced it into my mouth…..and then the ‘old’ football coach was fucking my face without mercy….

Moans rang out through the store as the twins reached orgasm over and over again……..But I could barely get a sound out as coach grunted and groaned and thrust in and out of my mouth till his warm, creamy white cum was filling my mouth and sliding down my throat……..I almost choked trying to swallow and scream in orgasm at the same time..

The next thing I knew, the three of us were being pushed to the store window on one of the busiest shopping days of the year…..our bare titties pressed to the glass……and our pussies repeatedly fucked by one person after another……I lost track of which was which…..just that my pussy was beginning to hurt from all the cock it was getting…..

At last we were all three laid across the courtesy counter…….our heads dangling across one side, our legs down the other…..Denny paced back and forth at our heads, pushing his hard dick down into our mouths one at a time…..and us sucking him like we were in some crazy competition for his cum…..all I know was I wanted it……and so did Mandy and Brandy……..

Then he was back behind the counter once more…..forcing Roger and Ricky to watch… he took turns with each of us…..our ankles wrapped around his neck… he pounded away, one at a time…..until we were shaking in uncontrollable orgasm……finishing off by standing at our heads…..jacking off slowly…….tracing our lips one at a time…….before erupting his massive load across our tits and faces………letting each of us have the pleasure of cleaning up his precious throbbing cock………as Roger, Ricky, and baldy showered us with their loads as well…..

“Now that’s service with a smile!” he said … he walked away… zipping up his pants…..leaving us lying there covered in his sweet stickiness……hoping that he would definately “cum again.”

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