Hold my heaven in your hands

Man honding woman, hand between her legs

Lift me up with your passionate heart….bring me to pleasure before we part….touch me in places no one has ever been….let me feel your tongue upon my skin….place your hands between my thighs as you spread my lips….my love will flow with no disguise….massage those spaces with your finger tips as the back of my neck you place a kiss….I give to you my glistening treasure when you fill me up with your pleasure….place your manhood deep inside thrust me hard from behind….back and forth while your fingers glide….feel my bud….make me swell while I ride…so very deep without our pride deeper and deeper inside of me and my mind……moaning in pleasure from such desire my cum in your hand you taste and admire….from beginning to end when we make love…..like pieces of a puzzle we fit so well…..together forever as lovers we are….we are one and the same no one can tell….

Poetry by ‘Friends and lovers’ | Erotic art Samarel

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