Wake me up with your tongue…


Wake me up with your tongue
show me that we just begun
squeeze me tease me look inside
hold me closer don’t deny my pride

Touch me where my juices flow
spread my lips and watch me glow
use your tongue and your fingers
taste my scent while it lingers

Make me sweat make me wet
make me cry with pleasure
when you’re deep inside me
exploring my treasure

With passion and lust
let me feel each thrust
fuck me long and hard
as I know you must

Tell me the things
you want me to hear
whisper them softly
when you touch me there

Open my heart
Suck on my lips
circle your tongue
around my clit

You’re the one I adore
I will beg you for more
while you fill my body
you’re the one I cum for

Beckoning me | by Melisa and Samarel art

between-your-legs.jpgErotic paintings and poetry by Samarel

He beckons to me with his words
I follow them, unheard
I sneak up to his doorway
And I knock upon his door
I stand there with everything I own
Waiting to walk inside my new home
Falling into his arms, I faint
This is the perfect picture I paint.
He beckons me into his arms
Safer with him from ever any harm
His kisses rain upon my face
His hands pull me close in his embrace.
His dark hair frames his hazel eyes
He lives in a place of the bluest skies
Among the mountains and singers and such
This is the one I long to touch
He beckons me as night now falls
To follow him down the long dark halls
We step into the erotic room
He lights a candle to erase any gloom
Flames pierce the darkness I close my eyes
I feel his lips move down to my thighs
His axe cologne pushes me into a trance
He takes my body and he does his dance
The leader of all my future songs
He beckons me and I never miss his calls…

Riding your dick

You love how I ride your dick
My pussy’s wet, nice and slick
I love how you work my clit
The way you tongue and finger it

I cuss all while I fuck you harder
Intense feelings of sexual fire
You fuck me deep, swear even stronger
We’ll fuck all night, or even longer

Baby, you and I both know
Proper language just doesn’t flow
Call me Cunt Bitch Slut and Whore
All the pet names that rattle my core

Shout as you cum, on my face and in my hair
It’s why we make such a nasty pair
Distracted by words like “sperm” and “penis”
Give me that dick and nut like you mean it

I know you want to fuck me

explicit erotic painting

I know you want to fuck me
by DarknDelicious

I know you want to fuck me
Have me begging and screaming your name
I know you want to fuck me
So stop playing the games?
I know you want to fuck me
Place my legs on your chest
I know you wanna fuck me
And taste my ample breast

I know you want to fuck me
Deep long and slow
I know you want to fuck me
You want to watch as my juices flow

I know you want to fuck me
I have noticed how you flirt
I know you want to fuck me
You want fuck me hard and make it hurt.

I know you want to fuck me
And play tongues dances on my clit
I know you want to fuck me
Till I beg for you to quit

I know you want to fuck me
This I know to be true
Lets stop fooling around
Come on baby lets do the do.

Tonight i give in

couple making love in bed

Tonight i give in

Tonight I give in to…
Feeling the Hurt
Overwhelming Loneliness
Waves of Sadness

Tonight I give in to…
The cleansing Tears
Consuming Fears
The need to Scream

Tonight I give in to…
The facade of being Strong
An acknowledgement of Weakness
The strain of Coping

Tonight I give in to…
A feeling of Selfishness
Acknowledgement of Desire
Fulfillment of Needs

Tonight I give in to…
A brush of Lips
A tender Caress
A moment of Passion

Tonight I give in to…
A stranger in the Night
A moment in Time
Feeling Alive

I give in to…