Beg me


You must understand this
I command my every wish
you will listen when I call
every wish I demand
you must beg for more

You must listen to me
and do what I say
my every command
you will have to obey

When I command you to touch me
in those places and spaces you dare
you will ask me how
I will tell where
I will tell you just once
you will beg me again
to take you there

When you reach that place
you want to taste
you will bow your head
with such eminent grace

Your tongue will be hanging
underneath my lips
I will squeeze your head
between my hips
and again you will beg
for just one lick

On your knees with all
fours on the ground
your mouth wide open
while I drip on your tongue
you will beg once again
before I will cum

I’ll place my foot
on the small of your back
pull down your pants
and give you a smack

I will hold you down
with my pointed shoe
while I twirl my umbrella
and make you turn blue

You will like what I do
as I tease your behind
when I lift up my leg
and spread my sunshine

You will pant like a dog
just waiting to be fed
my treats you can’t have
like a good little doggy
remember you must beg

► Friends and Lovers | Samarel

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