Seduction of a man

I have you in my presence
I know what you have in mind
You will succumb to my desires
I will not be very kind

I will undress you very slowly
I will tie you to my bed
I will expose your vulnerability
your legs wide I will spread

I will watch you squirm a little
as I slip slowly down your shaft
You will feel my tongue so gently
I am remarkable at my craft

I will caress your head in stages
at first I will use my mouth
I will watch you watching me
use my tongue as I go about

You will moan as I stroke you
first gently and very slow
you beg me not to stop
with every step I go

I place my head between your thighs
I taste you in places inside spaces
you are screaming my name
twisting and turning
yelling and yearning
as I pump you more
I call you my whore

I watch you hunger while I play
your cock growing harder
beginning to swell I know
with each stroke and lick
you want it this way

I know when you are ready
to completely give in to me
I pull myself up slowly
I start to set you free

As I straddle your body
and begin to thrust
I am in control
trust me you must

You explode inside me
hands still tied
You lay there spent
as I swallow your pride.

~ Poetry by Friend n’ Lovers | Art Samarel

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