Beckoning me | by Melisa and Samarel art

between-your-legs.jpgErotic paintings and poetry by Samarel

He beckons to me with his words
I follow them, unheard
I sneak up to his doorway
And I knock upon his door
I stand there with everything I own
Waiting to walk inside my new home
Falling into his arms, I faint
This is the perfect picture I paint.
He beckons me into his arms
Safer with him from ever any harm
His kisses rain upon my face
His hands pull me close in his embrace.
His dark hair frames his hazel eyes
He lives in a place of the bluest skies
Among the mountains and singers and such
This is the one I long to touch
He beckons me as night now falls
To follow him down the long dark halls
We step into the erotic room
He lights a candle to erase any gloom
Flames pierce the darkness I close my eyes
I feel his lips move down to my thighs
His axe cologne pushes me into a trance
He takes my body and he does his dance
The leader of all my future songs
He beckons me and I never miss his calls…

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