Breath on pulse ~


In the moment
sated and pure;
animal instinct,
the only lure.
In the moment;
muscles together,
hardness of chin with
sweet salt falling
on back and skin.
Neck seeks mouth –
breath on pulse –
in the moment.

Poetry: Woman of poems | Art: Samarel

Absent you


I awoke again and the dream of absent you
vanished from before me
in the moments before knowing
in the linger
I reach up for my remembering skin
I feel the fire from your yearning hand on my breast
still the fragile whisper of you in my ear
still the warm taste of you in my mouth
I do not stir for the fear of losing my trembling
comes along the morning
as dawn fills the room
brings the knowing
that you have not been here
I long again for our softening slumbers
with restless me
with absent you

Breathless by Dee | art Samarel

A glance...a sigh...a sound
Anticipation is too much
His eyes show flames within
She waits for his first touch

She breathes in deeper breaths
Stirred by his very nearness
He hasn't even touched her 
She feels him none the less

She leans in his direction
Knowing that he's the one
Who stirs her heart and soul
From this she can not run

A brush of fingers tender
Her breath stops in her chest
Nothing has ever felt so pure
With any of the rest

Electric current fills them
Snapping  both  between
She feels herself grow dizzy
Like something in a dream

Carresses soft and tender
Cause passions to ignite
Flashing to smolder, to flame
All through the night

Flesh to flesh they burn
Molten in their desire
Breast to chest they move
In a dance of pure fire

His hardness in her hands
Stroke him to surrender
His fingers find her flower
Liquid  heat weeping from her

Sweet kisses, tasting lips
Crackling burns desire
Kneeding flesh and parting thighs
To lick and suck each higher

When at last they join 
Moving with sweet friction
Intoxicated  by each thrust
Pulsing to completion

They melt together languid
Smiling throbbing still
Smoldering embers quiet
For now they feel their fill

Whispers pass between them
They sigh and curl as one
Aproaching sleep soon claims them
Refueling  before...more fun.

Dreaming wet ~


dreaming wet ~

i am one

of the restrained…

wrists bound to the black leather and

muscled legs splayed wide in stirrups;

helplessly lined up

naked-little-maidens in a row.

i know you are here.

my aching pink pussy spread


for the viewing.

i cannot see for the black cloth on my eyes;

but can



breathing and quiet mumblings

deft fingers exploring…

squirming with embarrassment


dying of desire;..

wet dreaming



..i plead with you;

fuck me.

Poetry: Woman of poems | Art: Samarel

The ache in soul


The ache in soul, has shifted….
traveling down spine;
past dimples of mine..
around smooth, and quivering belly….
between milky-white thighs
and soft velvet; lies
my moist-sweetened sighs
of the living.
oh! heated.
with pulsing inside;
the desire and fire
and healing and reeling
and wondrous feeling….
of animal call
to the living.
The ache in soul,
has shifted….
Poetry: Woman of poems | erotic painting: Samarel