Why I started painting “plus size” women

After years of painting thin, runway-model nudes on my site, I decided to add a “personal portraits” service
. Because these customers are mainly from the USA, many of them are “plus sized women.” I appreciated the beauty of the generous folds and voluptuous curves they had previously tried to hide. Despite Photoshop’s built-in digital temptation tools, I did not want to transform these beautiful “plus sized” woman into a skinny woman, too easy, and besides it would not be life-like.  Instead, I treated their seductive curves with appreciative care and love.  I lovingly wrapped these bodies with my own special style of liquid art, showing their loving splendor, portraying them as life like and beautiful.

When my first plus sized client received her portrait, she was shocked…. she looked so radiant, so sexy WITH her curves!  My art illustrated her beautiful self – showed her in a new light.  Her portrait improved her self-confidence, raised her self-esteem, which is exactly what I wanted to happen. This portrait showcased my true talent . . . and provided my reward.

Today I show women how beautiful they are in vivid color, despite weight, size, … etc.
My goal is to bolster the typical low self-esteem of these plus sized women. Through my art I exemplify their beauty. My art says “Be you! See your own beauty!”  I only amplify the beauty that’s been hiding under their embarrassment, their inhibitions, their lack of self confidence.  I wrap them in new, vibrant colors, showing their innate splendor.

If You feel my art can amplify your beauty,
click here and let me show you…


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