The call | phonesex erotic art fantasy


The first time you touched me here i knew..the heat your words generated..whispered close to my ear..touched the core of me..liquid fire..the fingers of your words stroking me, your mouth awakening my…

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See Thru Me | Adult story


See Thru Me
Lyrics by Kitty | Art by Samarel

I drift off to sleep in this hotel bed…the one where we made wild love all night long….the sheets are tangled around my waist, but my body is too spent to move and slip beneath them. My dreams come quickly, filling my mind with visions of our unbelievable night of touching … kissing…sucking…fucking… with so much lust and love? between us. I feel your lips once again kissing me softly…tasting me…your hands lightly caressing me….awakening my senses…hardening my nipples It almost seems as if it is really happening again. My sleepy mind wonders if you have awakened to take more of me. I writhe beneath your touch, gaining consciousness..lust becoming more important then sleep. I instinctively part my thighs…giving you access to my pussy…which is now once again wet and aching for you to touch. To my surprise….I sense that we are not alone. Am I dreaming …or is another set of lips also tasting my skin? As my eyes open to meet your naughty smiling ones, I realize that you are fulfilling my most passionate fantasy…a sexy threesome.

You lower your face to kiss me from behind my head. Our tongues meet and passionately kiss, as his mouth sucks upon each of my nipples…abandoning one for the other…and eventually leaving them both wet and stiff as he continues exploring my body with his searing kisses. My body is yours to take and give to this stranger as you wish. His tongue and teeth tease and nibble on my skin as his mouth trails down my belly…his hands push the tangled sheets away from me, exposing my smooth naked pussy. I feel his warm breath caressing me there, and my hips rise to touch his lips. He moans into me as his tongue and fingers spread my slit, and lick deeply into my core.

Your kisses cover my neck and chest, and I reach up to touch you as you hover over me…moaning as your lips take my wet nipple into your warm mouth. I feel his saliva and my wetness dripping from my needy cunt, and he knows I am ready to take his cock deep inside of me. I groan as he kneels up before me, spreading my pussy lips wide with his fingers and rubbing his cockhead around my opening. I kiss you harder in appreciation for this wild fantasy, and moan deeply as he plunges his thick shaft deep inside of my aching cunt…filling me with cock down to his balls.
He pumps his stiff dick in and out of my pussy, enjoying my wetness as it soaks his shaft. You watch as he controls this pussy that belongs to you, and your own cock betrays you by throbbing with lust for me. You kneel over my face, and I moan and lick and suck on your balls…teasing you on the outside as you stroke your own cock. You rub your cockhead over my lips and plunge in deep, fucking my mouth with the same long strokes as my new lover is thrusting into my soaked pussy. My fingers rub my clit in hard fast circles..

My moans around your cock become deeper as I get closer to cumming. As my pussy starts to cum around his cock, you push deeper into my throat, feeling my deep lusty moans. Your fingers pinch my nipples as you praise me with your voice for cumming like such a willing slut. He slides his wet cock out of my cumming cunt and pushes it into my tight asshole. I groan on your shaft, as his cock fucks into my tight little heaven. He pushes my knees to my tits and my hands move down to spread my cunt for him. Your eyes gaze at my fingers pushing in and out of my dripping pussy as his cock fucks my ass….

His thrusts become harder and deeper, and I feel his cock pulsing his hot cream into my dark gates. I moan as he fills me, teasing my clit with my fingers. You slide your cock out of my lips, not wanting to cum so quickly…rubbing your head over my soft wet lips. He slides out of my ass and lowers his head to give my pussy one more deep kiss with his hot tongue. We exchange glances in appreciation for our partner, the one I now realize saw us kissing hotly outside of the hotel room door. You must have slipped out when I was sleeping to invite him into our fantasy…

Alone now, you are wanting me more than ever. Your cock is stiff and curved up slightly, jumping with impatience to get back inside of me. I know how you want me, and I quickly turn over on the bed, positioning myself on all fours. I lower my head to the mattress and put my ass up high, giving you my ass and cunt to use as you please. You rub your cock around my pussy….talking to me so dirty in your low sexy voice that I love so much….telling me how goood I am at being your VERY BAD girl. I moan and sway my hips to you…begging you to fuck me the way only you can….You thrust into me over and over…until you bring us both to cummmmmm once again.


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