Words of lust and lost

Placing strong hands under my reddened-flesh roundness..
..dizzying me..as soft skin feels fingers; teasing in tender
folds of slender-slick, delicious PINK…wiggling and
wanting you…

put me to the stiff wall;..as i desire all of you with
your full force…
LIFT ME UP and PENETRATE my flesh;
stroke for quake;
shudder for shiver;
..for wave and wave of climaxing is overtaking me
in surrender of your animal powers;…
with your exploding seed of unity…

all words lost.

Poetry: Woman of poems | Art: Samarel

You step into my boudoir…

You step into my boudoir with dark eyes sinfully devouring me.
Long, sumptuous looks at my partially clad and trembling body.
My lewd mind begins to reel wondering how you will take me.
Will you peel off my panties with slow tugs of your teeth?
Or are your beautiful fingers going to push aside the silk,
And enter my sweltering passage to prepare it for your cock?
Shall I be on my hands and knees or straddling your lap?
Are you going to toy with the chain connecting my breasts?
Is pain along with pleasure going to be a part of our coupling?
Whatever you wish, it will be so…for I await your commands.

Art by Samarel

Every woman’s fantasy?


I am in my glory with two loving mouths on both sets of my lips.
One steals my breath from me as his face descends to mine,
fiercely kissing and tongue fucking my mouth to the tempo
of my fingers jacking and squeezing his thick, throbbing cock.
The other delivers electrifying jolts of pleasure up my body
with his French kisses penetrating my quivering, hot pussy
Art by Samarel


The foot rub


your strong hands softly, tickled
my female feet; and the
locked inside
your oil-slicked thumbs
so pushing in all the right places; rubbing round;
and around
and into

moaning; groaning
desperate for you…
and feeling

…where your eyes;
see my nakedness
open and glistening,
and you also..


Poetry: Woman of poems | Art: Samarel

Walking, inside you


feel you~

Glistening cherry,
sweet nipples
erect, and dusky red.
Massaging my hand
rounded breasts…
imagining you instead.
SILKY place
of softness;
slick wetness between my thighs;
my other hand exploring;
from throat;..my pleasured sighs.
i smell your skin…
and feel your thrust;
at this heated, tortured height…
i’ll fuck with you tonight.
Poetry: Woman of poems | Art: Samarel