Morning lust

eating pussy is art

Thinking of you coming with me to this cozy mountain house….
The place where I love to be the most
So peaceful and with nature
Walking through the trees and tall grass talking and laughing with you
Feeling happy and in love with you
It is bright and sunny, and early morning
my favorite time to make love
I kiss you deeply and slide my arms around your neck
tugging you downwards to your knees in the grass
We lay on our backs looking up at the sky
and then turn to each other allowing lips to touch softly
as the warm summer breeze whispers against our skin
In jeans and barefoot
you roll on top of me and put your hands in my hair
giving me a deeper kiss
as you press your hips onto mine
your legs are tangled with mine
feet touching and it feels so natural
My hands slide to your jeans and I unbutton them
our tongues kissing madly
clothes come off one layer at a time until
we have none on at all
but not worrying because we are in a place where no one will find us
I gasp softly as I feel your naked cock against my thighs
your hot skin against mine
and as we kiss and touch
our bodies feel as if they melt into each other
and our lovemaking begins instinctively
without planned foreplay or fantasies
this time
I spread my thighs apart wide for you and position your
velvety hard cock on my wet pussy
Your hands on the ground, bracing you as you
push him inside of me deeply and slowly
Your mouth finds mine again and you nibble ant suck on my
lower lip making me moan and my mouth eager to find yours
kissing passionately with tongues so needy
my hands slide down your back
raking my nails against your skin
pressing you into me deeper as my hands caress your ass
over and over we move together
Wetter and throbbing so hard wanting to cum
Looking into each others’ eyes
We cum together
as my pussy contracts around your cumming cock
He softens inside of me
As i caress your hair and slide my hands up and down your back.

by Kitty.
Read more of Kitty’s sex diaries at Samarel art website.

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