whatever your pleasure is…

I cannot help but give in to your tempting ways, my sexy lover
You know how my body and my mind react to all you do
Oh, how you tease and torment me with your fingers and lips
Passionate kisses contrast with the tender probing of my pussy
Gently toying with the pink, moist lips before sliding a digit inside
You love how my hot hole sucks at it and pulls it in deeper
My whimpers and moans flow into your open mouth
Another finger pushes forward, scissoring and twisting
I am wet and ready…ready for whatever your pleasure is

Samarel adult fantasies

Our pleasures


Do you know
how ravenous i am for your
touch?….to gaze upon you in the flesh?
i lack the eloquence to communicate
the pure, animal instincts you stir
in me….

…even now my neck and collar bones are
with radiating flushed red and i think….of you…
distant lover…..stirring my juices and my flesh…

my tongue dances in my mouth imagining
your maleness, scent dizzying my groins
with heat….tasting you from your eyelids
down to your exalted feet…

lost in your loins….taking each frail
life-giver into my mouth…so gentle
with the slightest of nips…not to hurt..
..but to revel in your trust of me….

before devouring, teasing and pleasing
you till just before death..to start
again and again until release is
like a volcana…erupting hot joy

into my mouth….with i immersed
with the pleasure and taste in each

…this alone would excite my own
gushing fountain your pleasure..
my pleasure….our pleasure.

by Woman of poems | erotic image by Samarel

Making love at the shower – kitty sex diary 16

I get home late and hear the shower running. You must have had a long day and needed let the water wash away your stress. I feel my heartbeat quicken as I think of your naked body alone in the shower. I quickly head for the bedroom and start to strip down. I don’t want to miss all the nice hot water. The bathroom is so steamy, and I hear you singing. I smile to myself, thinking that soon that little song, will be your moans when my lips are wrapped around your cock.

I push my skirt down and step out of it. You are still not aware of my presence. I open the door, and some steam escapes. I slip in quietly and see your nice ass facing me. I cannot help but want to…..Continue reading

Entering your back hole

couple fucking in standing position
Ever so gently entering my back hole
Slowly easing into my virgin passage
Knowing I will feel burning pain
Pausing to kiss along my jaw line
Soothing my fear until the sting fades
Your warm hand cradles my breast
Further comforting yet exciting me
Deeper you go inside the tightness
Pulling back, pushing forward again
The pace steadily increasing
Our bodies working in tandem
Joined as one.
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by Samarel