Our pleasures


Do you know
how ravenous i am for your
touch?….to gaze upon you in the flesh?
i lack the eloquence to communicate
the pure, animal instincts you stir
in me….

…even now my neck and collar bones are
with radiating flushed red and i think….of you…
distant lover…..stirring my juices and my flesh…

my tongue dances in my mouth imagining
your maleness, scent dizzying my groins
with heat….tasting you from your eyelids
down to your exalted feet…

lost in your loins….taking each frail
life-giver into my mouth…so gentle
with the slightest of nips…not to hurt..
..but to revel in your trust of me….

before devouring, teasing and pleasing
you till just before death..to start
again and again until release is
like a volcana…erupting hot joy

into my mouth….with i immersed
with the pleasure and taste in each

…this alone would excite my own
gushing fountain your pleasure..
my pleasure….our pleasure.

by Woman of poems | erotic image by Samarel

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